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Sick Comedienne, Chigul Reveals Surgery Fears

Fast rising Comedinne Chioma Omeruah has opened on on her fears of having a surgery after she was diagnosed of slipped disc and is presently going through excruciating pain.

‘Chigul’ as she is fondly known is dealing with one of the most painful conditions involving the spine, and last night, when the pain returned, the comedienne opened up on her fears and decision. 


“When slipped disc will not allow u sleep like a normal person…back brace, 2 reg pillows. 4 medical pillows and 1 body pillow just to sleep…..trying to push past the pain bet i tink i give up and use drugs.”

The Slipped Disc occurs mostly in the lower back, when the jelly-like material in between discs that provide shock absorbency in the spine ruptures or dries out. The intensive pain can be mind-numbing.

For the comedienne, she has had to manage the pain.

“I hate being in pain, don’t want surgery,” the comedienne claimed. 

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