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Enough Blame Game, Let's Find a Solution – Pojomatics

Enough Blame Game, Let's Find a Solution - Pojomatics

Today I really want to discuss on something very important. Something I guess is unlike me. I am really not a fan of Politicians but this man made series of statement that drilled me to the point that I wished I had a private jet that will take me to Abuja, just to give him a handshake, and bring me back. You want to know what he said? Who is he that said? Read on, you will see it.

If you are really current with the affairs of the nation, you will discover that there has been multiple stone throwing simply because NO BODY IS MAN ENOUGH TO TAKE THE BLAME. As the country approaches the town called ECONOMIC RECESSION, which is few kilometers away, everybody has somebody to blame. The government pours THE BLAME on the past government. The past government violently rain back bullets of BLAME back to the present government. The masses in their sonorous voices sing a well composed hymn of blame to the government. The government quickly stops the song due to the incessant repetition of the word BUHARI and blames the masses for singing off- key. In a way of bringing relieve from the weight of blame, they tell the masses to sing on key Change-begins-with-me.
How long are we going to continue this game of passing the blame? The problem with Nigeria and Nigerians is that we are looking for WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? Instead of looking for WHAT’S RESPONSIBLE?. I will leave you with the words of the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, who spoke to news man after observing the Eil-el-Kabir prayers in Illorin, “in every crisis, there is always an opportunity for a positive reform. In this regard, in order to solve this crisis, all hands—not just the hands of the government— must be on deck. Ideas should be sourced from all quarters—not just from government quarters. All arms of government, people of different beliefs, from all socio-economic backgrounds and every part of Nigeria MUST WORK TOGETHER at this time”.(emphasis mine)
Dear Reader, It is high time we quit this blame game and fix the country’s problem—find a solution. How can Nigeria get better starting with you? Let’s abandon our attitude of always pointing fingers on somebody else. 

I hope my head is safe after you finish reading this article because my hands are really shaking as I write this article? Do well to share this article on every social media platform until all Nigerians read this article.

Who do you think is responsible for Nigeria’s problem?

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