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Guy Complains of Wrong Dates, Needs Your Advice

The Big Question: “I’m tired of wrong dates. Should I marry a lady recommended to me by someone?”
From a social media user:

I’m in my mid 30s and is really desirous in settling down with the right lady but I am confused as hell. I’ve dated couple of ladies and the experiences are better imagined as most of these ladies turn into something else in a short while into the relationship.

Due to this fact, I am even afraid of approaching another since it is the usual woo a lady I don’t know from Adam and begin to study her, her family and et AL all over again and in the course of such enterprise things may come crashing again unexpectedly.

Is it ideal if I rely on relations, friends for a referral? I was thinking it is better because a particular relation already knows the girl background and all about her.

Please between wooing a lady or banking on referral, which is Best OPTION in landing a good woman for marriage?

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