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The Life Of a Blogger (Episode 1) – A legit Story

The cool breeze from the new fan I installed yesterday made me shiver as I had placed my hands in between my legs. I previously told myself, this night, I will sleep all through then it hit my head. I had a project to blog about exactly by 3AM. The thought of turning on my laptop and typing in words that are all made up, false and a blatant lie caused me to cover my head with the pillow.

As I refused myself from checking the time as at that moment, the money I was to be offered to work on this project flashed as numbers on a white screen in my head. My eyes widely opens. “ why na, I never sleep better sleep na” “which kind…., kind….. matter be this”. I sat upright still soliloquizing.

As my eyes wavered through the room looking for my laptop, I paused. Now trying to remember where my laptop was as it was no where to be found. “No, no, watin be this na?. ebubes house? God” I shouted again, Now fully awake. I had left the laptop to charge in my neighbors’ house as his generator was turned on the previous night. “I day talk say I no get energy blog, na come to waka go this guy house again?” i murmured in pidgin.

I checked the time, it was already after two. I quickly wore my clothes. Yes I sleep naked. I just find it, well, I find it, the weather was hot abeg. I stood up. off I went to ebubes house . I was welcomed by his unconditional snore. I knew I won’t be able to wake him up now but I just had to try my luck. By luck I meant, anything at all. “Knock, knock…” no reply. “knock, knock ,knock….” Still no reply.

I picked a stone and threw it on the door. the snore stops, but ebube is not awake yet. I threw another stone again, this time, he wakes up. his touch lights up. Who be that big fool? You no sabi knock? Ebube reacts. “abeg no vex, come give me my laptop.” He stands up and opens the curtain to confirm who it was. “ if na your door I use stone knack, you go like am? You go dey behave like your mama” ebube insults me angrily. “you wey dey sleep like big fool, come give me my laptop jor”. I replied him reciprocally. He didn’t answer me again.

Some minutes later he opens his door and hands over my laptop, eyes rolling at me. I have gotten home. Its almost 3AM, less than thirty minutes left. Sat down in my blogging seat and turned on my laptop. I had already inserted my card inside my modem and on a usb port. I connected the modem and opened a web browser. What It showed on that webpage was full dead. “My mb don finish?” I don die well…..

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