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Why You Need To Buy The iPhone 7, See Full Features


The anticipation is over and the iPhone 7 is finally here! well after so many rumor and tips about the Apple new product. Well everyone likes good thing but not everyone can afford these good things. Its not all about getting this phone but what can the phone get you, millions of persons around the world are talking about the phone and want to know if it will add to their life, others want to add to their gallery of gadgets, some want to get it just because its the new trend, many because it rates them as been rich for using the expensive phone, why others are follow-follow!

Trust 9ja, see some funny list of features Nigerians will want to hear because of the high price of the New iPhone 7. Legit9ja.com has share 20 features the iPhone 7 possess to make you purchase it as soon as possible.

See Full Features Below:

1. It Costs About N500,000.

2. It prevents unwanted pregnancy, just put it in “protection” mode.

3. If you hold it, you will never be hungry again.

4. If you misplaced it in a cab, it will automatically find its way back into your pocket.

5. If an ugly person sends you a request, it will spam it automatically.

6. It can tell you which member of your family is troubling your destiny.

7. You can connect the Bluetooth to transformer to get light.

8. It can be used as bomb detectors.

9. It can be used as mosquito (insect) repellent.
10. It makes everyone look at you as rich boy or girl even when you are trekking.

11. It vibrates if someone is lying, for real!

12. It can tell you the real father of a child.

13. It can detect if your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating.

14. You can use it as a weapon if you are attacked by armed robbers.

15. It can show you the way to paradise with the advanced GPS.

16. A blind man can use it

17. It can call off ASSU strike….

18. The double camera, one is for pictures while the other is to take photographic image directly to your brain.

19. It automatically gives information about anybody around you, including their motive toward you

20. Add your now…


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