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Alex Ekwueme reveals the main problem of Igbos

Alex Ekwueme reveals the main problem of Igbos

Ex-vice president, Alex Ekwueme, said the Igbos are not as united as they used to be, he went on to say that the northerners used to say Igbo was next most important person created by God after the white man. And Ekwueme called on the Igbo people to trust each other and unite like in the past.

Second Republic vice president, Dr. Alex Ekwueme, said the main problem of the Igbo today is lack of trust.

Speaking at the traders’ summit and award ceremony organized by Anambra Consensus Project (ACP), to honour outstanding traders in all the 57 major markets in Anambra state, the former vice president recalled how the Igbos were strongly united before and immediately after Nigerian Independence.

He wondered how things managed to get so bad over the years that there is no more unity among the Igbo-speaking states of the country, Vanguard reports.

“When I returned to Nigeria after my studies abroad, I worked for the then ESSO West Africa Limited and the job took me to many cities in the Northern part of the country. I found out that there was no place you would go and won’t find an Igbo man and they all cooperated well.

“If you wanted to buy APC medicine in any city in the North, whether it was Kano, Maiduguri, Kaduna, Bauchi, Bida, Minna, anywhere, it was an Igbo person that would sell it to you. Igbo people were so industrious that Northerners were saying that after the white man, the next most important person created by God was Igbo,” Ekwueme said.

The former vice president said there was a need for Igbo people to unite and trust each other as they were doing in the past.
According to him, that is the only way they can move forward and they will be better for it.

He also advised the Igbo traders to pay more attention to areas that would enhance exports, which he said would put them in a position to withstand the uncertainties in the foreign exchange trade.

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