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Episode One: The Drunk and Fvcked Up

Episode One: The Drunk and Fvcked Up

Daniel is more than the average teen, his sarcastic nonchalant behaviour makes him interesting, driven by his passion for a good time ,he makes life easy and romance filled.


A walk round the neighbourhood would do a lot now .I just had a long day watching p*rn videos and reading erotic magazines in my bedroom, wondering how today would have been better if Michael didn’t finish the weed yesterday. Well you can call my life a bit fvcked up but this shit keeps me going. I just can’t imagine a day without being so high that I would think am superman or getting a quickie from an animation. Yes, I’m this fvcked up. But not as Michael, this dude is all me and drunk,so don’t just judge me yet.

Did I forget, they call me Jason, Tyson, wait I forgot even Brian, at least that’s what they call me in my daydreams, you can just call me Daniel, Dan or Danny , whatever fvcks your a*s, i just don’t care cause I get called different names when I’m having s*x. Just so you know, I’m watching p*rn right now. HA. To be honest, I’m just a psychotic patient that needs help so badly, yes you might ask why I am like this, one word, Y.O.L.O bitch, ok maybe two but shit you only live once bitch, so get the fvck up, find someone and get banging.

I would always tell a friend that. You don’t have to be smoking hot; we do if you want to. Am back home but I just don’t want to go to my room yet, The naked paintings on the wall, brought to life by my naughty imaginations from the nipples to the bouncy balls behind just won’t let me be.

I even recently deleted some videos from my laptop, and sincerely I speak for all fellow p*rn watchers, Chinese p*rn is shit. Man, I won’t lie. They are real shit. They are just having s*x and screaming names and phrases, all that yang. go won, cho cho fon can be so annoying. Stacy does it, even Angelina but the way they do it is so hot , Stacy is Michaels girlfriends best friend that Michael might have mistakenly banged the first day they met, the other times where planned, more like organized. Gabriella is Michael’s girlfriend that doesn’t even have a clue about what’s going on, well Angelina is just some whore I met in Lawfabs, a club just 7 minutes walk from home.

You wouldn’t believe the sorts of chicks I have met there, ranging from hot, to smoky to redundant. Back to Stacy,she is that one girl that made it in the Seven Wonders of the World; “I actually have my own seven wonders” damn this chick gat something for cocks. Sometimes I just ask myself, where the fvck she come from, you get it? Fvck, get it? You probably won’t cause you not that smart like I am, HA. Deal with it.

It’s so perturbing some times, but you just have to know why we call Stacy crazy, cause she’s a Blow job goddess. The babe got a PHD. In that shit, the arousal and warmth I feel when she caresses my dick is more than what my hands does with baby oil. Yeah, I kind of might have had s*x with her too, at least mine is totally legal, I got no worries.. Did I forget to tell you, Stacy is a lesbian.

Yeah, I mean it. I caught her sucking someone nipples the other day in the girls toilet. What I was doing there, I didn’t know. I only remembered that I was high. She likes girls, but I really don’t care, she is just so hot and attractive especially when she does that dominant-submissive shit to me. I totally blame that on Michael, he just had to show her the fifty shades of grey movie there first time. Since then, this babe has been all samurai jack any time she wants to have s*x. Maybe if I should.

play Chinese p*rn for her, she would have a different approach to s*x. But to be honest, I liked it. As I ponder about Stacy, Gabriella knocks. I know it’s her because only she has this characteristic bang that she makes with the gate. Two times loud then four times louder. Come in, I said in a sickly voice. She comes in looking salaciously glorious.

Wearing a short pink gown and visibly, no bra as her nipples clearly points out. Am sure she came for a bang-bang but unfortunately Michael is not at home. Hey Daniel good morning she greets, is Michael at home? Knowing full well he is not, check the room he might be there, I replied. Of course I didn’t know what has come over me now but I sure had ulterior motives, Still trying to control myself as my pen!s was about to go hard which he obviously did. A surge of se’xual urge gushed through my veins as I strongly tired to fill my mind with the TV show I was watching. Of course it didn’t work.

I stood up, my pen!s hardly erected and bent slightly towards my left thighs, and rushed to Michaels room. The doors were widely opened, the air conditioner turned on, she was lying down on the bed, her head faced towards the wall that was directly opposite the door of the room and legs widely spread apart. As i gazed within her legs, her fair thighs, buttocks elevated causing her gown to become shorter that her butt crack was in full display. Right now even someone that just came back from church couldn’t resist this sudden temptation.

E….Emm, G-Gabriella are you ok? Do you need a drink or something? I blinked as I asked with a stammering tone. No, I don’tshe replied. -would you help me tune the TV to a movie channel?- she asked I gently walked my way into the room and sat on the bed. AsI tuned it, still trying to keep my hardened dick in place.

She crawled to where I sat, telling me to stop at a particular station and skip again. This time, her boobs clearly shown to me from the left side. She must have clearly seen I was hard. She touched my lap, I watched her slowly move her hands to the trouser zip as she unzipped it. Still on her crawl position, she slowly broke my dick out of his bonds. As she prepared for a blow job, I held her hair firmly and pulled it back.

What about Michael – I asked. Shhh, Just play along, she answered. I smiled. I didn’t want to stop this, so I didn’t. She sucked my dick intensely for about two minutes then she went slowly, off and on. You. Have. A. huge. Dick. she said periodically. Now I moved her hair to the other side, and then kissed her soft pink lips, my turn. I fully pulled off my trousers. I was already topless and normally, had no boxer shorts on. I forcefully tore Gabriella’s silk gown and made her lie straight on the bed. The tips of my tongue slowly licking her from the legs to her thighs where I had my hands placed on her boob, as I squeezed the hell out of them.

The tip of my tongue massaging her vagina aroused her, I could feel the current flowing through her as she convulsed in a revolting manner, pushing my head away from her vagina. I went for the neck, softly kissing her then the gate banged. Is that Michael? Gabriella asked. I couldn’t answer, I knew it was him. He just went to get something down town.

With a rush I wore my trousers, placing my dick in between my thighs. Just one problem, Gabriella’s gown was torn; she hadn’t any other cloth and her hair, a total mess. As we heard the sitting room door open, Gabriella secured a space under the bed.

Am fvcked up man, I didn’t even fvck her.



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