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Episode One: The Drunk and Fvcked Up

Episode Three: The Drunk and Fvcked Up


“Oh my God, I did it again” trying to force my eyes open. I didn’t go to church the third week now. Since a friend introduced me to a bar downtown, Neogate by name, Sunday mornings has always been afternoons for me. Either I wake up by past one or after two in the afternoon. I always find myself sleeping on the floor with one leg on the bed and my left hand making a smoking gesture on my mouth. If I find myself naked, then either my money has been shortened, one of my favorite watches gone or even worst, the weed I left under my bed has been half portioned.

This depends on the departmental girl I bring home the previous night, if she’s from chemical department, my weed is gone, accounting? , my money is missing, no- no don’t even think that way yet , I won’t say mechanical engineers for the watches, only girls from the fine and applied arts go for my watches. That’s the way things go on in my university. Of course am naked, I know it’s the weed that got shortened but I don’t know how she does it. Nobody can trace the hideout of weed than Sophiat. One of Michael’s friend. Today is a good day, my younger sister, Tracy is coming over for a night before she leaves the state. It’s really been a while since I saw her.

Always business and all that stuff that keeps her busy. To be honest, what keeps her busy? , she works from 8AM to 4PM, I call by 8PM, and she tells me am busy, instantaneously in a panting voice over the phone. I don’t want to admit this but maybe it runs though the family. Not that, not that at all. I meant late night cooking. Or did I? Guy go and cook, it’s your turn, Michael shouts as he hits the door against the wall. You are a fvcking fvck man; you have been asleep since yesterday. Have you even checked the time? His eyes dimming, trying to force open while he shouts at me.

“You, are you not just waking up?” I replied him. Besides, I was rather perplexed than excited not being in total control of my mind for some days now. I usually am this kind of guy that just goes for the girl i want but something about Aunty Magi’s daughter was so wild. I just couldn’t get myself to understand why I feel the way I do, Maybe because she is my course advisors daughter or the fact that she is so hot. Either way, I know by the upper week, I would be ready to talk to her.

“Dude, I’m hungry please” this time, Michael pleads. He just have taken a lot of weed the last night, I will just have to cook right away. I could only prepare one meal that Michael really loved. My special yam sauce. It always made Michaels day, its aroma and texture is so enticing. i cook it so good that you would ask for a second and third serving. I Yawned, then looked around my room looking for my underpants to put on. The manner, my d**k hardens nowadays can be so perturbing, so I need something to really hold it down. My sister is coming today, so I have to be some good boy that I normally portray at home.

I wore my trousers and cleaned the room. I already started boiling the yam, when the car horn startled me. “It’s like your sister has arrived, Daniel.” I heard Michael shout from the sitting room. “Open the doors then.” I replied Tracy came in, always looking beautiful and full of life. I smiled and hurried to give her a hug. Thank God she wore enough perfume, so my odor wouldn’t be questioned. I starred at her eyes for some seconds then I smiled. “Welcome dear, make yourself at home” What I saw next was disturbing. The way Michael kept starring at Tracy as she sat down. I coughed. Please, this shouldn’t happen, at all.


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