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Episode One: The Drunk and Fvcked Up

Episode Two: The Drunk and Fvcked Up


Woke up to the stench of burnt weed all over my room , my right hand on my pen!s, my head still hurting, the music playing loud from Michaels room. I was still tensed and unsatisfied from yesterday yet filled with laughter as the thought of Gabriella lying under the bed till the next morning kept me smiling.

Michael didn’t leave the room, not even once. I smiled again then I remembered about the quiz I was to write in quarter an hour. Yes as drunk and fvcked up as we are, we still do study. I Would not want to grow up to become an old man that just had nothing to live for, but sincerely speaking, it can be so stressful but as long as in the end of the day, I always roll that, light that and smoke that, amok. Moreover I had to make Michael live the house soon so Gabriella can go home.

I hurriedly had went to shower, well at least I scrubbed my armpit unlike someone whose odor during the times of 4AM to mid afternoon is so offensive especially nights when he’s had s*x. Michael got serious issues, he just doesn’t see the need of having a proper bath, just covers his scent up with the pink perfume he always buys which periodically costs him a fortune. Yes I said pink, Michael is a die-hard Nicki minaj fan, I know why he likes her but he says it’s because of the rap. Rap be damned, he’s all about that ass.

Talking about clothes, I really can’t believe I will have to wear the same shirt I wore the last time I went to school again, the washing machine got damaged and it was Michael’s turn to wash for that week but we are not in good terms now. The other day he wore my underwear to school,sorry I mean yesterday. After my fear for aunty magi’s boobs and hatred for getting a carryover in one of my last year courses because of Michael overslept after a party the day before, my hatred for sharing underpants covers it all. Did I mention, am kind of a clean freak, just cannot go about my activities knowing there is a piece of trash around me I could dispose off.

Ok, let mead one to my hatred list, I hate having Michael as a roommate, I said it clearly. He doesn’t actually give a fvck about hygiene. His room is like a worm-hole of dunk, but I still cope with him. Won’t you take a shower? I asked Michael as I saw him putting on trousers. “Leave that thing. Let me just write the quiz and come back” he answered. At least he brushed. I escorted Michael off to where he took a bus to school then told him I forgot something back home.

I will catch up, I told him as he waved goodbye. I quickly ran home to meet Gabriella sleeping under Michael’s bed. I woke her up, she was looking messed up, I smiled again. “Aright go home dear, we will talk later, I have a test in less than 10 minutes” Not saying a word, Gabriella walked to Michaels wardrobe, wore some of his clothes, out the room, and out the gate she went. Now I began to laugh. as I too ran towards the gate to catch a bus.

The quiz has already begun when i got to class, lucky me, I sat near Matthew, One of my “always there when I need him” friend. I copied my way through the first and second questions, luckily I read the third one just last night so I hurriedly did that myself and went for submission. That’s when my eyes saw something amazing, this girl, oh god, the dimples on her cheek was as deep as the way I felt love, lust whatever, and her curves caused a wild whirl of imaginations flooding my head. The thought of fvcking that basketball sized buttocks held firmly to her size 38 waist quickly gave me a hard-on. Score one for my Calvin’s, my d!ck was firmly held. Daniel, Daniel, the lecturer called out, would you submit your quiz right away, he spoke in a rather confused voice wondering what made me stand still for couple seconds.

I could still feel my d!ck trying to break his bonds. Like she knew I was starring, she reluctantly fell her pen down, and after making a tiring gesture, she slowly bent down, I could swear the time paused, either I turned Merlin or my talent was just at work. I think its my talent because I have this rare ability of slowing down time in my head when I need to. I just watched this girl do all this in slow motion and just stood there for another couple minutes reminiscing what I saw. Just one problem, I think she is Aunty Magi’s daughter. Those boobs don’t deceive me, I know them anywhere I see them. I just cant imagine myself dating my course advisors daughter, what if am caught, what if I get her pregnant, worst is if she falls in love with me, hmmm, either way, I still have to fvck her.


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