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ONNI, Joseph Yusuf – DOES NIGERIA REALLY EXIST? #NigeriaAt56

A leader in Nigeria should  be someone who inspires a people to follow him. He is not a lord who orders his people to do his wishes without considering their opinion and viewpoint for either convincing or review of his decision – ONNI, Joseph Yusuf


So bothered about the degree of Geopolitical, Ethnic and Tribal Sentiments in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it interests me to probe the reason for the sudden rebellion amongst those who have once sworn to live together.

“I am one of those who had suffered the consequences of the mini-divisions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria into its different Geopolitical, Ethnic and Tribal Divisions. Rather than swiftly concluding that these divisions are products of ignorance and illiteracy, I decided to probe further into the cause of the revolt by looking up into the historical chart of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria had always have challenges of either persuading/compelling/enforcing these different units/fragments (Geo-political, Ethnic and Tribal divisions) to stand unified as the visionary one Nigeria that was amalgamated in 1914 but the rare truth remains that chances are thin that a Nation divided against itself would make a reasonable unified progress even under the operating force of the unitary/central system of government.

To bring an end to these, many propositions have been made through National Conferences, Legislative Chambers, Public Lectures and Media Conferences but none of these have yielded any fruitful result. The failure to yield result is a function of so many abnormalities resulting from Regional/Ethnic/Tribal protection of whoever had to steer the ship of the Nation during the period of these propositions.

Collectively, our nation is being referred to as “Federal Republic of Nigeria” but the salient truth is that it is made of fragments of people who seek independence and freedom from undefined unison that currently has a domineering effect on them. Our united existence had been like a Naval Soldier in comatose resulting from his inability to clearly understand the steering force of the Naval Ship that drives him to an inland water project and also lacking a clear definition of the reason he had to stand alert and watch all day at the deck of the ship.

If we could not accommodate ourselves as a people with a united vision to be the giant of our continent and the world-at-large, if we could not collectively make decisions as regarding the governance of our nation, if we are no longer interested whether there is anything worth being patriotic for in our unified existence, if we no longer trust a fellow Nigeria citizens of a different Geopolitical/Ethnic/Tribal decision all because we believe he/she is a stranger, WHY ARE WE DECEIVING OURSELVES THAT WE ARE NATION????

Back to history, the 1999 Nigeria Constitution adopted the language of the United States of America thus “We, the people” without adopting the process that gave birth to the binding document. Right from our second independent constitutional drafting, laws have been imposed on the masses by a few elites because we ran the military system of government during these periods. The validity of these law depended on how rebellious regions to these unlawful adopted law can be forced or coerced to be subject to what they were never part of in terms of agreement.
As Nigeria, we are no longer in the dark ages. We are no longer in the age of lack of information. We are no longer in the age of confusion. We are no longer in the age of random decision for a collective group of people.

These facts have called for the need to either renegotiate the need to continue in the visions of “Sir Federick Lord Lugard” that birthed us or form our different protectorate for progress in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Many propositions have been made and opposition have also been made but the fact remains, propositions not accepted and acted upon cannot be trusted to contain the will of the people. We need “Restructuring”. As far as the present Nigeria is, we are a simulation of different nations of different lifestyles and beliefs struggling to exist together and make unified decisions.
I call on all those involved (United Nations, African Union, Economic Community of West African States, Political Stakeholders, National Leaders) to look beyond their interest and summon a call to review the ethics of our existence.

As an aspiring Nigerian President, I believe we need the following before we can be maximal in our output:

1.  A peaceful co-existence agreement.
2. A defined direction.
3. Patriotic submission for all citizens.
4. A Vision Statement of the need for our existence.
5. A fair leadership system.
6. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

ONNI, Joseph Yusuf(MGCFR)

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