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Read The Real Story Behind Lil Kesh, YAGI And YBNL

Read The Real Story Behind Lil Kesh, YAGI And YBNL

We have heard different sides to the issue of artists under the YBNL imprint leaving the label for greener pastures but we never heard the real story from the parties involved. Now is the best time to be alive as we have an official statement from YBNL/YAGI…Read and Enjoy!

A lot of stories have been making the rounds ever since Lil Kesh, a protégé of Olamide Baddo (CEO of YBNL) floated his own record label YAGI (Young And Getting It). For Once, we would like to make clear the entire story.

YBNL as a record label was never structured as a core business entity, it was more of a family. One of the core values of the label and its CEO Olamide Baddo was to pick up talents from the streets, nurture their growth into stardom in such a way that someday they get to pick up another talent to grow. This cycle was built to go on and on and this saw to the emergence of Lil Kesh, Viktoh, Adekunle Gold.

These 3 acts got signed into the YBNL family and ever since rose to stardom. They individually signed 2 years contracts, but indeed it was never about the contracts. Olamide wanted to see these 3 men grow.

All glory to God, these men have grown to a level where they could stand on their own. Olamide in his benevolence wasn’t going to tie these young men down as his dream of building young leaders is coming to live. He advised these men at the end of their contracts to start something of their own, build your own empire, as soon as any of them felt strong enough mentally and financially they should pick up talents from the streets and also help them grow.

In light of this, when Lil Kesh’s contract ended, it was just about time to listen to the leader Olamide Baddo as he always does. He floated YAGI, a move which a lot of people misconstrued to mean that he left Olamide Baddo.

In clear terms, Lil Kesh and the entirety of YAGI is a part of YBNL. YBNL is one big umbrella that still oversees the activities of Lil Kesh as an artiste and YAGI as a record label.

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