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Making Money Online: How You Can Make ₦300,000 In A Week

Below is how you can make money online, when I say make money, I mean “LEGIT” money. The Denotative meaning of the word “LEGIT”: Not fake or Real(Cool), not engaging in illegal activity or attempting to deceive.

A Man Once said; Rich people see every dollar as a “Seed” that can be planted to earn a hundred more dollars, which can be replanted to earn a thousand more dollars.

Here I want to Introduce you to a very reliable and flexible program where you can make ₦30,000 in a day and ₦300,000 in a week.

You Probably might have heard of several online platform for making money, Here I assure you that this business I am introducing you into will not disturb your normal/initial business or work, Also if you don’t have a job it can generate even more revenue for you to live on.

If you want to make money online. From survey and experience icharity is a legit money making site that anyone should join. scratch that, everyone.

What you need to do is to register on iCharity free and upgrade your account with 6000 Naira($20), then register 5 persons (Which we can get for you if you are interested) or wait for the system to generate these five people to pay you 6000 Naira each as they upgrade. If you are the persuasive kind of person like me you can easily get Five persons to register under you.

Now if five people pay you five 6000 Naira each you get a sum of 30,000 (Here you have made your initial capital back that is 6000 naira, then extra 24000 naira). Now to proceed to the next Level you have to use 12,000 from your extra 24000 naira to upgrade to level 2. Meanwhile note that in Grade 2; 25 Persons will pay you 12,000 naira each that will sum up to 300,000 naira. After this Grade you will need 24,000 naira to upgrade to Grade 3, where 125 persons will pay you 24000 naira each to sum up to 3 million naira, and so on

NOTE: The System gets people to register under you, if you are unable to get people to register. Through randomization from promotion, spillover and adverts,

Table is Below… For Questions and more details Contact me with this number on whatsapp: 08138533676, BBM: 2BE19A33, Email: [email protected] if you are serious minded and interested in making legit money!



About iCharity:

The whole idea about iCharity is for you and I to leverage on the power of unity to stand out in the society.

iCharity Club Nigeria is a member-to-member donation campaign where your donation to become a member of iCharity Nigeria grants you access to our membership site and you begin to earn money with just a ₦6,000 investment. Now With the ₦6,000 investment you join our club, you will be able to earn money with the power of your investment. You earn money while in different grades of the club. There are 10 Grades, Where at Grade One you will be able to earn ₦30,000 and it continues to grow as you upgrade to a higher level; At grade 3 you earn ₦3 Million.

Questions iCharity Answer:

Are you tired of poverty and lack of adequate cash and resource to solve some common pressing problems of your life?

Are you tired of searching for everyday for online program and online job that claims to pay you and they don’t?

Would you like to start earning a salary while you work, study and stay at home without much stress on your side?

Has lack of money made you look down on yourself and not be able to compete with your mates in the society?

Are you tired of owing and being in debts?

Have you been searching for Jobs?

Going for series of Job interviews without success?

Do you desire to be your own boss and to have that your dream business set up for you with or without capital of starting it?

Do you believe and wish to know more about the principle of wealth creation? With just a One Time Investment of $20 (N6000) , You can achieve all that… Your Dream Project, Business, House, Car etc.. JOIN TODAY


Difference between icharityClub and other networks

The major difference between iCharityClub and other networks is that iCharityClub platform allows members to donate directly to each other (peer-to-peer) while other networks allow members to donate to each other through a central system (peer-to-server). This is why it has been very difficult for people to succeed in other networks being that every payment goes into a central system which further decides who to give, when to give and how to give members money:

*Receive Donation in your local currencies.
*No e-Wallet, point system and minimum withdrawal.
*No selling of product.
*Other Members Donate directly to your Bank Account.
*No third party or intermediary (strictly member-to-member).
*Registration into iCharity Club is free.


SUMMARY: Look at this illustration, every member is expected to give birth to/refer 5 children (new members);
Grade 1: – Donate $20 (N6,000) to your father and receive $20 (N6,000) donation from each of your 5 children, which is totalled $100 (30,000)
Grade 2: – Donate $40 (N12,000) to your grand father and receive $40 (N12,000) donation from each of your 25 grand children, which is totalled $1,000 (300,000)Grade 3: – Donate $80 (N24,000) to your great grand father and receive $80 (N24,000) donation from each of your 125 great grand children, which is totalled $10,000 (3,000,000)See the table bellow for all donations and income.



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