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MI Abaga Summarizes His Music Career in this One Interview

MI Abaga talks about His Music Career in this One Interview, Read Below:

Hello Jude, what are we talking about today?

Everything I’ve learned in my life. I can try to sing you a song, about how living is strong, and how loving is long. You could be a king for a day, the next day be in chains.

What’s your best advice to yourself, before we start?

Live your life my nigga, let the tears wash away the stains.

So everyone says a certain artiste disrespected you and the help you gave to him. Is that true?

I have seen the paper turn a man against his maker. Started getting bread and now he don’t respect the baker. Niggas think they landed now they tryna own the acre. I’m just walking from above as high as a Jamaican.

But do you take it personal? What’s your sincere wish when this happen?

Jesus to this rappers, watch em all forsake M. Peace I wish upon you tho, Assalam alaikum. Keep my hand to myself you can never shake em. Hand is on my rifle just in-case they try to take em. I done seen brothers turned their back against thy brothers.

Does this affect your finances? How about that of your other artistes?

Niggas think I’m toast, but no, my bread is always buttered. Me I never eat alone my family is covered. Along with every loyal motherfucker I discovered.

But what if more artistes decide to leave? What would you do?

Gotta get a broom I got some roaches in my cupboard. If a nigga tripping I can do without the luggage.

You sound really affected by this. What hurts the most?

People left the family and started chatting rubbish.

How about your side of the story, why don’t you want to share it?

Gangsters move in silence I got shit that I can publish huh. Loyalty, according to the business, is established.

And what if things don’t work out as planned for you and your crew? Would you resign as CEO of Chocolate City?

I can never walk away and leave my people famished. Broken hearted once but it’s alright though I can manage.

As they leave, what do you tell them?

Poof to all the fake ones, wish you blessings as you vanish (poof).


What’s the plan for the future of Chocolate City, seeing that artistes leaving kind of ruins the grand plan?

As we recover from the damage. CBN looked to me to show em what the plan is. Painting a classic, got my brush against the canvas. Geniuses are lonely coz nobody understand us arhhh

People say smoking is essential to make music. Is that true?

I have seen the best turned to weed and loose direction. Smoking for inspiration that’s the fucking intersection.

Hahah. Boss, why do you think it is bad?

What should not inspire you, will ask you for protection. Your highness, are you low enough to one day face rejection huh?

Do you think we have genuine people in the music industry?

I have seen pretenders too numerous to mention. Stand upon falsehood, fake by extension.

Hit us with a dope line, just any dope line.

Man must pay to gravity the price for his ascension. If you think I’m talking to you nigga this an intervention.

How have you stayed relevant in the game all of these years?

I have seen kings not aware of their successors. Waiting in the wings they blinded by their successes. That’s why I try to give you every detail of my essence.

How long do you think you still have at the top?

Until your time has come, you will be blessed within my presence.

You are famous for your grassroots work in supporting new talents. Why do you do it?

I earned the crown and then returned it sit among the peasants. How should they be saved unless I bring to them a message? How should they improve unless they sit and hear my lessons? Trying to Usher in the Future I’ve got a few confessions.

You are the best Sir. So how many of these artistes have blown under you?

Many I have called, chosen are the few following my teachings. The actions of a Jew, never lack for anything their ration is renewed. Coz cash is no distraction when the passion is the glue.

Do you think history will remember your legacy? With all these fake people and haters?

I have been instrumental, learned the fundamentals. Always sentimental, in my fucking mental. Grab myself a pencil then I wrote my name in history. Why are they trying erase it? Men, shit is just a mystery to me.

Thank you sir. This has been very insightful for everyone. Any last words especially for that artiste who left you?
Nigga can you see you on your own? You let so many strangers in your heart. Now they ran and left you all alone.

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