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Choi! ‘Runz Girl’ Narrates Juicy Night of Crazy S*x that Ruined Her Life

Babcock University student now suspended has narrated a shocking story of her early days as a runz girl and one particular night that left her with the shock of her life.


Read her story below:

“MHS, So i used to go to babcock university before i got suspended(thanks Timmy boyfriend). So while I was there, I used to do runzwith my roommates and we used to hook up different big men and rich boys. We went out one time and my friend called Tope got a call that we should come and meet one rich boy like this. When we got there, I saw that it was my boyfriend. We didn’t even argue or fight. We pretended like we didn’t know each other and had s*x. He Sleped with Tope more than he did to me and when he wanted to cum, her decided to cum inside me then gave us $1k each and left. He stopped picking my calls after then(I expected it sha). We later met in school and kissed (That’s how I got suspended) because he paid his way out of trouble and let me to drown.”

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