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Episode 10: The Diary Of Nymphomaniac

Mummy had taken up a Job in a faraway place, so Daddy had to reduce travelling so as to stay with us most times. The stigma of being called a rapist was much in school and I had to tell daddy. We decided that I needed to change school. I wrote the entrance exam of a military school because my Dad was getting scared of me day by day. So I waited for the result from the school.

Let me just confess, I didn’t wait for the result anxiously, because the admissions officer there was my Dad’s student. So I was already sure of getting admission LOL. Few days later, I heard that they have released the result of the Junior W.A.E.C we wrote. I went to school to collect mine. When I reached school, I reunited with some old friends, laughed and collected my result.

When I saw the result, “Wow” I said to myself. I rushed home and quickly showed the result to my father. “OH MY GOD” My father screamed
“Who owns this result”? He asked fuming “What happened to it”? I asked quietly “So you mean to tell me that this is the result of the school fees I have been paying for you”? My father asked in anger “But I passed na” I replied confused “Let your mum come back and see how “well” you did in your W.A.E.C exam” He shouted while moving out.

Well, it wasn’t my fault, I saw a parallel “P” and I felt it was a pass. Daddy didn’t take it lightly with me, whenever he bought something; I was always excluded while others enjoyed their own food. So we waited for the admission result to come out from the military school exam I wrote. Actually, that was Steph’s school because she already gained admission there, so I am anticipating resuming with Steph in the same school.

Back to my neighborhood, Chika became a close friend. I practically stayed outside our house at night, just to be and talk with her. Along the line, we became good friends. “Do you have a girlfriend” She asked me “Yes” I replied “But she is not here again, but I always think of her” I said “What about you, do you have a Boyfriend”? I asked smiling “No, I don’t like boyfriends” She said “That’s good” I replied “But we can still be friends ooo” She said “Yes, sure”.

I said “Do you like me”? She asked smiling “Let me show you whether I like you” I said while drawing her face closer. I landed a kiss to her cheek; seeing she got excited I decided to ask her for permission to land a direct kiss to the lips. She accepted and I went for it, but I noticed she held my face to her mouth and was never letting go so I enjoyed the fun while it lasted.

Our kissing became an everyday affair. At every little opportunity we had, we kissed. I started thinking of a way to transform our kiss to something more intimate. One morning while daddy had gone to work, I quickly moved outside the compound and went to Chika’s house to call her. She responded by coming to our house; there was this Intimate magazine I always hide under my bed to keep myself always happy. When she came into the house, I brought her ice cream from the fridge and gave to her while she picked up my magazine to see what was inside.

I left the scene on purpose to give her a little space with the magazine, then I came back and saw her quite uncomfortable. I already knew the reactions so I didn’t hesitate to dive into the water. I quickly touched her laps and felt her reaction before crossing my hand over her neck to kiss her. During the kissing, she quickly reached for my shaft and was drawing it out with full force. I followed behind in full momentum undressing her in few seconds like Bro Iyke taught me.

When I finally entered, I realized that there was blockage whatever around her Veejayjay region. It was free to air. I quickly did what I was supposed to do and it was fun. S*x with Chika became constant: Whenever we had the opportunity to see and if it is quite dark or lonely, she always offered it to me like a sacrifice.

At some point, she offered to call her best friend to participate in our s*x competition, I rejected at a point but after putting myself in Bro Iyke’s shoe, I asked her to bring her over. She was another small but older looking fair girl, who couldn’t communicate properly in English but knew how to obey simple instruction.

The both of them came to the house as planned, after watching a movie we then proceeded to my room. At first I was scared but I always wanted to make myself proud. It was a moment of romance; no idea could be more than having two Unclad girls on your bed, swarming all over you. I have seen it in American movies; right now I am having a feel of it.

I touched wherever I felt like touching, sucked whatever stared at my face, entered wherever I felt had a space for me to enter. The feeling, joy and memories are things I always cherish. Schools have started and I am in Sss1 now, Steph is Jss1 and mary in Sss2. Daddy took me to school alongside Steph.

I was handed over to a soldier man as a personal guardian while Steph went to her class. Mr Eke the soldier man is a private soldier, tall and muscular in nature. We welcomed me with a smile, but deep down I knew that the smile wasn’t real. That was actually the beginning of the end for me.

I entered my class Ss1B and it was filled with strange faces till I saw someone mention my name. I turned back and saw my Old friend at my former school here in this present one. We didn’t talk much at my former school, but I know that in this unknown land, he will be my best pal. I begged his seat mate to borrow a space beside him, and the boy willing agreed.

That was how I met Kenneth. Ugly, tall, troublesome are the best words to describe him, but you must love him. I resumed school the next day a little bit late, despite waking up very early. I was told to kneel down and use my knee to walk till I reached my class which was very far from the gate. I tried doing it, but I noticed that along the way, some other guys were escaping and running very fast, without getting caught. I looked around and tried running.

I wasn’t even half way my class, before I was caught and sent back to the gate again to start afresh. These are some of the challenges I suffer in this school. Most times I come back home looking like a rejected prisoner. No matter how cool and good you are in class, you must get flogged. I remember saying I won’t get flogged again in the school.

I remember saying I won’t get flogged again in the school. Just then military man entered the class and someone gave out fart. The class smelled, and the officer considered it insult. We were all ordered outside without sandals to lie on the floor. He came back with some bulala (Military name for Koboko) and gave us 10 strokes each. Even the old girls didn’t cry, so I held my tears till I reached my desk.

The school is fun, but it comes with a price. If you greet wrongly you get flogged; if you greet nicely you get flogged; if you run when you are supposed to walk and you are caught, you get flogged. So I have learnt how to wear triple shorts and shirts while coming to school. “Wait for me after school, I have something to tell you” she said to me.

“Any problem” I asked surprised “After school, I will tell you” She said. I was in class but couldn’t concentrate on what the geography old woman was saying. She knew I hated her subject, and she hated me too. Most times, I spend most of my time in her class, facing punishment and today was no exception. But I was waiting patiently for what Funmi wanted to tell me after school.

After school closed, I waited for Funmi to come around while I stayed behind in class. Kenneth was hanging around in case any situation came up. Fumi with her friends came around and we exchanged pleasantries. “You said I should wait behind” I asked “Yes, because there was something important I needed to tell you” She said “Okay, say it let me hear” I replied smiling “My friend says she likes you and would want both of you to be friends” She said “Which of them”? I asked feeling like a boss.

“This one” she pointed to a shy looking beautiful girl I always exchanged eye contacts with during classes “But I don’t know her name” I said looking confident “Her name is Comfort” Fumi said “I like her too” I said smiling “If you are coming to school tomorrow, write her a letter” Fumi said “Alright, no problems” I said smiling. I went home and bought a book that contained love texts and letters; I used it to compose some heart-warming stories of love.

I combined it together, while stealing my father’s perfume to spray round it. When I reached school, I gave it to Comfort and told her that I wanted my reply also in a letter form. That term, I spent more time committing various offences, serving punishments and composing letters for comfort. During break period, we would be in secluded places with Kenneth and the girls and be having fun in school.

Comfort copies my note for me, so I spend more time gambling in class and making noise. Infact, this school was making me live my dreams. Towards exam periods during the submission of notes, I tore out any page that had blank spaces. I ended up submitting a long note with just 20 pages, while my mates where even attaching more notes to their existing ones to make it contain all the topics. While revision was going on, I was clearing grasses alongside Kenneth and other guys in the officers’ quarters.

Our crime being that I wrote the names of the quietest people in class as noise makers. When the real names were called from a silent observer’s list, behold the writer of noise maker’s names was even on the list. Exam time has reached, and I informed the guys about my special talent when it comes to exam writing. They all stayed behind me, and we were all ushered to our various desks.

The exams lasted almost a week and some days, and I did what I know how to do best. “Stand up” The invigilator shouted. I knew it was all over and no chance to pull any stunt. As she approached towards me, “Jesus Christ” A guy shouted so loud. Everybody turned towards his direction, even I and the teacher. “What’s that”? The teacher asked “I just realized that all I have been writing is wrong” The boy said very sober. “Was that why you shouted” The teacher asked. “I won’t shout again Ma” he pleaded.

“Now you stand up” She said to me. I stood up as directed and she looked around…“Where is the book I saw you with”? She asked “See it here” I said giving her a book. “What’s inside” She asked me. “Ma you can check it” I said to her politely. After checking it, she looked at me and nodded her heads, as a way of saying I will catch you again.

After checking it, she looked at me and nodded her heads, as a way of saying I will catch you again. But it was too late. Don’t ask me the real reason why the boy shouted Jesus. The boy’s name is Kenneth, and he only saved his fellow friend. That’s how we do our thing. Results of the exam came out, and guess what??

Results of the exam came out; and guess what, I failed woefully. I was only reminded of the rule and was told that I needed to pass my second term so that I can have a chance in the third term. Daddy was not around during this period, so I didn’t panic when I got home. I only took the result and hid it where even a spirit couldn’t see it. Dad and Mum travelled, so we decided to spend the holiday in our own ways with their permission.

I was bent on travelling to Benin City where an uncle lives because I had an unfinished business to complete over there. I reached Benin at night because I left late. After many greetings, I was ushered to my room. They have a wonderful setup of an all-boys family living with neighbors in a compound estate. The next morning, I came out and greeted my long lost friends. They were happy to see me, likewise I also. We talked about lots of things and played well.

Few days later, I asked them about my business I left here the other time. They understood immediately, so we laughed about it. We decided to make plans on how to achieve it. The next few days, we decided to go fetch water in an abnormal place, which was quite very far from our house. On getting to the destination, we arranged our trucks and wheelbarrows while filling them up with water.

While fetching, she came out immediately, smiled at us and ran back into the compound. She knew I was eyeing her, but there was a major problem, she was a Deaf and Dumb! Onome was a fair beautiful and tall girl, sweet body curve and cute eyes. She was always sitting outside whenever we pass the route to go play football.

I saw her one day and decided to go ask her what her name is. Without knowing she couldn’t talk nor hear, I kept asking, while she kept staring at me. It was a bad experience before a friend told me she was deaf and dumb.

I felt for her, and was looking for a way to become friends with her. “Her papa na herbalist ooo” Emma shouted when I told him of my plans. “What type of herbalist” I asked quite confused “The man dey do juju like say tomorrow no dey” He replied while laughing “E be like say na why the girl no sabi talk” Israel chipped in. “Forget that thing, no matter what, juju no go dey her nyash” Mark the eldest of us said with a loud voice.

“Shhhh” I shouted ‘She might be hearing us ooo…” I said “Noo… true true, she no dey hear. Na Odi she be” Philip said with confidence “If you wan nyash am, tell me make I help you arrange the girl” Mark said. That was the last we discussed about, before I left the town some months back. Here am I once again, staring of the girl of my fantasy. I knew I had to take my chances, because time was running out.

“Mark, shea you said you can help me” I asked him “The girl don tear ooo…” Mark replied laughing “To nyash the girl now go hard you oo” He concluded. “You leave girl wey no sabi talk find other girls for estate na” Israel said while laughing. The truth is, I only wanted to satisfy my curiosity that was why I was eager to know what it feels like sleeping with a deaf and dumb person.

Questions popped my mind. How do they shout? How do they react? What do they say? How do they tell you to stop? How do they tell you to continue? These entire questions kept on recycling round my head, and I decided to find an answer, which I will share soon.

I started going to fetch water there without the help of friends, and while going, I made it a point of duty to write my greetings and some other things I wanted to say in a small piece of paper and supported it with some little gifts like Biscuits and coke while going to her location.

Since she was always the one in charge of collecting the money for water, I always left the change with her and go back home to receive some beatings or shouting. I did it continuously for two days, even though the first day I had a little difficulty convincing her to take the gifts. After the third time I did it, she became more receptive…

After the third time I did it, she became more receptive, and we played with her sign language even though I knew nothing she was saying. I laughed when she smiled, I nod when she nods and frown when she frowns while doing the sign language.

I learnt few signs from her, even though that wasn’t my aim of laughing. I wanted to know how it feels! The fourth day I came around, without coming to fetch water, she gave me her own letter, and believe you me, she now loves me so much.

She said she would love to know my house and see how beautiful it is. She promised to be a good girlfriend if only I would love her very well. Yes I would, I said with my version of the sign language. I rushed home like I won a lottery and dashed straight to Mark’s house and luckily, he was around but with a girl. I waited for him to conclude before spilling the good news.

“The girl accepted” I said with my heads high up “To do wetin” Mark asked “To come to my house” I said “Baddoo! Na your u uncle house you wan carry am go? Make him no catch you and Odi ontop him bed ooo, pastor go just cut your prick commot” Mark said while laughing “That’s why I want you to help me with your house” I said in a begging tone. “Which day she wan come Bleep us”? Mark asked while scratching his balls.

“She is coming to see me, not us” I reminded Mark “Then you never ready na” He said while about moving out “How? But you just finished sleeping with a girl, did I disturb you? Not fair oo” I said “I must collect my share” He restated “How”? I asked with curiosity “Either you give me part of the sacrifice, or you pay your tithe” He said smiling “What is Sacrifice, What is Tithe”? I asked “Sacrifice is the girl, tithe is 10 percent of the girl” Mark said while still laughing.

“So how will you collect this 10 percent, are you are a pastor”? I asked him very angry “Olodo… if una dey Bleep, you go leave the window open. Then me go dey outside, dey see wetin una dey do. So that even if I no Bleep, I go still enjoy small” He said with all seriousness. I had to agree to the deal because half bread is better than none.

On the appointed day, I spent more time cleaning and clearing Mark’s house from plenty dirt. Anybody who saw me would think I just packed into the house newly. After much cleaning, I went straight to her area to pick her up. I had already used some of my money to buy two drinks in the fridge and some biscuits. When we reached home, she sat down and was a little bit shy, so I had to keep smiling to make her feel calm.

I offered her biscuit and some little a bottle of coke, she drank while I was sitting close to her. I opened the window a little bit to allow fresh air, making Mark see me keep to my own side of the agreement. When she was done, I brought out two booklets and two pens. I gave her one and used one, to enable us communicate through writings. I asked her if she ever had s*x before, she said yes.

How many times, she said two… “Wow, good for a start” I said to myself. I asked her if she can have s*x with me, she said she is shy that I might not love her again. I took my time to explain how much I love her and even more than everybody in my house. I even told her that I will still be in Benin because I am here to complete my education. Before I knew what was happening, we were on the bed, all Unclad. I saw Mark peeping, and I decided to surprise him.

I quickly bolted the door firmly, while I headed straight for the window. I closed it immediately, and he started knocking on the window. “At least, she can’t hear the sound” I smiled to myself. I started out with romance like Bro iyke told me, and headed straight to kissing every part of her body. The body was so smooth, that I almost eat her up. I was expecting to hear some little noise, but realized that the noise wasn’t forth coming.

Then she dived towards my little joystick, brought it out and started licking it like a sweet. After that, I wasted no time in entering between her legs, and started doing what I know best. Then I realized that instead of shouting, she was waving her hands very fast. And shaking her head a little bit, she started grabbing hold of my head and hugging me as if she was hired to suffocate me. It was fun because the reactions were funny.

We finished all our rough play; we kissed and played in our own special way, before she said she wanted to go. Mark was tired of knocking and had gone to watch film in someone’s house. I quickly escorted her to her house, before rushing down home to do some work.

I heard Benin girls’ love s*x, and I decided to attend to a few more girls that needed my attention before moving back home. The other girls were staying around the estate, so it wasn’t difficult penetrating past their various legs. I succeeded in having s*x with 3 girls within age range of 17 and 18. I was bigger than my age so they felt I was in their category.

The next few days, I told her I would be going the next day. She cried bitterly and asked my I did that to her, but I couldn’t stay in Benin because it is not my house. She begged and begged, but I had to go. She wrote in a piece of paper “You are wicked and I hate you”; I replied her “You are sweet and I will always be back for you”, before I ran away and rushed back home. I don’t know her whereabouts till today, but she is always a story to remember.

Second term is here, and it was time to get serious. I have been warned by the school authority about the implications of failing 2nd term. I picked up, even though I kept my comfort with me in case I ever felt the urge to do what I need to do. She was such a supporting girlfriend and most times, we Bleep after school.

While Kenneth will handle Fumi, I was always in charge of Comfort. I told them, that in order to pass and remain in school, we had to improve. Permit me to say this, my thinking capability and intelligence was far better than everybody in that class; but it didn’t always show because I was always found wanting in all aspect.

This term, I was a little bit focused. I was less frequent to the student guard room, I became 17th most called noise maker, I was sent out of the class less times.This 2nd term was one of the most boring term ever because I became a good boy overnight. But if I was a good boy in school, I wasn’t a good boy outside school.We normally take public transport back home, and my Break money was always not enough for me.

TO BE CONTINUED…. Keep Visiting www.legit9ja.com for Updates!

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