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Episode 10: The Diary Of Nymphomaniac

“As small as you are, you connived with people old enough to be your father to commit rape” He shouted “I didn’t rape anybody sir” I said almost crying out round “I can’t even rape myself” I shouted while crying more profusely to the amusement of the group of students watching. “Since you can’t rape yourself, how could you now rape a little girl in your class”? The principal said.

“Come on, lie down here before I increase the strokes to 30 or 40” the principal shouted “Sir please, you can ask her if I raped her” I said while crying deeply “She is not in school; her parents said she is in the hospital” The principal said “When she comes, she will now explain better. But for now, lie down and receive your own” He said with a little anger. While I was reluctant to lie, I was being forced. I resisted a little bit, but with the help of two students that were called to help subdue me, I was easily subdued.

I felt only the first seven strokes of the cane, only to find myself in the sick bay with water all over my body. I woke up lying on the floor with student and staff all over me. I started to cry and begging that I wasn’t among the boys that raped her. I was later called to the principal’s office and I was told to bring my mum along while coming the next day. Mary had already reached home before me and tabled what happened before my mum.

I was called to explain what happen. I explained the part that I felt would give me the necessary sympathy needed. Mummy followed me to school the next day, while the other boys didn’t even bring anybody while coming along. They were given their letter and handed over to the police after Amaka confirmed that they actually forced her to have s*x with them. My mummy with Amaka’s parents was sitting in principal’s office.

I was already feeling sick and sweat dripping from my body. “Sorry for keeping you all waiting. I actually called you because of the offence your son committed” The principal said. “So we have decided to expel him from the school and allow the parents of the girl take the necessary legal action if they feel they want to”.

“So we have decided to expel him from the school and allow the parents of the girl take the necessary legal action if they feel they want to” The principal said. Admist the silence, a voice was heard. “He didn’t rape me” Amaka said “What did you say” My mummy asked, almost jumping towards Amaka’s mouth “What”? The principal asked looking confused “He wasn’t among those that raped me.

He was even fighting them for me” Amaka said with tears. “But I thought you said they were four” Her mother asked “The fourth person is not here and in the school” Amaka said while crying. My mother stood up with tears in her eyes while I tried consoling her. I also started crying after seeing mummy cry. It wasn’t a pleasant experience in the office of the principal. My mother vowed to deal with him and also the school management. We went out of the office and headed back home.

The next two days after I had missed school, we got a letter from the proprietor of the school, asking us to meet him in his office. Mummy had already inform daddy about the plan to sue the school and we had already contacted our family lawyer and was about moving on to the next level. We visited the school the next day, and we met the proprietor in his office. After hearing our story and mine, he begged us and told us to drop the case.

He promised to take necessary actions against the principal and also said that as part of the compensation plans, that I and Mary won’t be paying the Third term school fees. After much pleading from the proprietor and his wife, mummy decided to accept and promised to inform daddy about the decision. While we thanked the proprietor and his wife.

I was given a Cold malt drink from the fridge while going, to keep myself cool. I know you will be asking how come there was already a change of heart from Amaka when she came to school the next day right? Now look at what happened!
I actually had s*x with Amaka, but it wasn’t rape. I already convinced her to have s*x with me and she agreed. But the issue was that while we were having our fun in the classroom, the senior students came and threatened me and her.

They asked me to kneel down and asked me to face the wall while they mercilessly dealt with Amaka in their own way. I tried fighting to help her, but I was beaten blue black from the three of them. After they finished, Amaka was weeping and ran home. “I suspected that they she would tell her parents about the whole issue, which she did actually.

When I came to school the next day I wrote a letter to her friend and asked her to help me give to Amaka. She asked me what happened and I told her the truth. Fact was that Amaka already told her mother that we were four that raped her because she felt I planned it with the other guys.

Chizoba passed the message across, and told her of an alternate lie on my behalf when Amaka informed her that she had already told her mother that we were four that Raped her. They were neighbors so they had access to each other and I got the response from Chizoba that everything went as planned very early the next day before I was beaten black blue by the P.H.E teacher and the principal.

The next few days, the principal was sacked, and our VP Admin took over for the remainder of the term. I prepared massively for the Junior WAEC and received a lot of home lesson. To be frank with you, I was a master of expo and copying. I was the best in my class when it came to doing Expo. Record has it that I was the only successful person to do Expo when the P.H.E teacher was our invigilator. I did marvelous thing when it came to copying and cheating in the Exam hall.

During Junior WAEC, I repeated the same feat. After the Exams, we had an after school party, where I had a reconciliation s*x with Amaka. It was an emotional s*x that made me remember till date. I paid her back for the good deeds she helped me with. School went on vacation, and it was holiday period.



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