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Episode 10: The Diary Of Nymphomaniac

Few days later, Bro iyke informed us of his decision to travel for his work experience like he explained. Mummy asked him if he will come back and finish his HND, but he said he will think about it. Bro Iyke was set and ready to go; the night before we just stayed in the room and ruminated on how we did our things together, had fun, played and how he was also beating me sometimes. Well I didn’t talk about the punishments and beatings Bro Iyke gave to me sometimes because it is not related to the essence I am keeping this diary.

But when it came to beating and flogging, he never hesitated to dish it out appropriately. I allowed tears flow freely from my eyes as we talked about so many things that night. “Always remember you are the man, no girl should control or have your heart” Bro Iyke said “You will grow up to become a big boy, so have fun and never let emotions becloud your sense” He concluded. As he waved goodbye very early that morning, I ran into the room feeling dejected, sad, emotional and confused. I couldn’t explain the feeling but I knew I wasn’t alright.

Few days later, I was cleaning up my room, and I saw a neatly tucked letter in one of my most cherished novels I always read. “If you ever see this paper, help me greet Nonso and her Baby girl. My heart is always with them” I was confused as to why he would write a letter just for Nonso and her baby. Just then I remembered when I asked him “Why didn’t you use that rubber thing you always wear before having s*x with Nonso” “I don’t use it on abnormal girls” Bro iyke said. Just then, I started having a loud laugh that I almost invited intruders into the room where I am.

Days turned to weeks into months and I was progressing at school in a rather Negative manner. I was falling from Grace to Bottom Grass. People I taught in Jss2 started teaching me in Jss3 third term. All this never bothered me because I was living the good life. I haven’t fully blended yet in our new environment because of language barrier. Lots of beautiful girls to my taste, old and “fresh” from my perspective; but couldn’t communicate with English and I couldn’t speak Igbo too.

“Hey” “Ssssssss” I heard while coming back from school one day. I turned around to know if I were the person being called, and then I beheld an angel like fair matured girl calling me while she was running to catch up with me. “Sorry, I no know your name, that is why I keep calling you like that” she mumbled her grammar. I told her my name and she told me hers while we were walking down the road.

“Shea it is you people that pack enter this street shebi” She asked “Yea” I responded quietly. “Any problems” I asked “No… no problem” She said “Just that I saw you people the day you came in” She said “But you didn’t help us pack our load” I said jokingly “I was aflaid to come close” She responded. Your name is Chika Shebi”? “Before I forget” I asked “Yes” she said ‘But you can also call me Chi baby” She said smiling. We laughed together as we approached my house; she pointed few blocks away and showed me her house. We said goodbye while I headed home.

“If you hear your name, you come out of the Assembly line and come and stay here” The principal fumed “I have warned against the issue of s*xual immorality in this school, but students still think I am joking. I will use the names of people I will call out as scape goats so that others will learn from it and know that we are in this school to learn and not keep boyfriends and girlfriends”.

The principal said with much anger while holding on to a super long cane. Chinaza Opara, Ali Mohammed, Kenneth Uzoego, “Where are the people I am calling” The principal shouted as they slowly and fearfully walked up to meet him. “These three boys raped a girl in Jss3 and said they will kill her if she ever report the matter to the school authority. Let us know how they will kill her when they will be in the police cell” The principal said.

The whole assembly was like a grave yard; just then we saw some non-uniformed men walk up to meet the principal. “The men are police people from the Enugu state CID, and after flogging these boys, they will all be arrested and taken to the station” Said the principal. “Is there any other person I forgot to call that you know”? Principal asked. “Yesss!”

“Him”! Said Ali while pointing towards my direction “Who is the him” Queried the principal “The short one wearing black socks” Shouted Ali “Mr man, come up here immediately” Shouted the principal “Me or Him” I asked the principal “You are very stupid! Come up here before I deal with you right from down there” The principal shouted with fury. As I made my way up the podium, there was huge laughter among the students.

I was only thinking about what Mary would be thinking in her mind and what she will tell our mother at home. I slowly walked up podium and sat on the floor with the other boys. “We present to you the new rapists in our school today. They succeeded in defile a little girl and they all did it in turns” said the principal. “Like I said before, I will use them as scape goats, before handing them over to the police” The principal concluded. The principal handed over the canes to our P.H.E teacher who was the World Best Flogger as at that time, probably in the whole Enugu state.

He could kill a lion by just flogging the lion. Rumor had it that he was almost rusticated from the school for flogging a boy till he became unconscious. While the first boy made his way, he was laid on a ground and was given 25 stokes. The thing that baffled me was that he didn’t even shake while they were flogging him. He stood up to a very big applause from the crowd of students hailing him “Senior man oh”.

The second guy went, after 15 strokes, he was now feeling the effect but he still managed to keep his cool till the 25th stroke. He was also applauded like he just won a scholarship. The third guy which is Ali went and collected his own. The number was roughly about 40 to 50 strokes because he was laughing while they were flogging him. The teacher had to stop because the principal ordered him to focus on the next person.

As I made my way to the flogging arena, I could smell death around. I have never been flogged with a strong cane, talk more of 25 strokes. I already had tears in my eyes before the main cane started. “Why crying” The principal shouted. “As small as you are, you connived with people old enough to…



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