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Episode 8: The Diary Of Nymphomaniac

“No problems” I said to him. The next time we met in church during our “BUSH” fellowship, I convinced Nonso to come to our house that I bought gifts for her. She agreed and we fixed a date. On this faithful day, Nonso came around. Bro Iyke asked me to go buy Crush drink for her; I dashed off faster than a bird. I came back and gave the drink to Bro Iyke; he asked me to go and stay with Nonso in the palour.

Few minutes, he arrived with the drink in a cup and gave all of them to Nonso. I tried tasting the drink, but he jokingly told me to allow our visitor enjoy her drink.Few minutes later, I noticed Nonso was complaining of feeling sleepy; I was angry that she wanted to sleep so early but Bro Iyke told me to allow her sleep. When she slept, Bro Iyke gave me money and asked me to go buy a pain reliving drug from the chemist. While I was still trying to know what was happening, I heard cries from the room where I and Bro Iyke always sleep.

I tried going back, but I didn’t want to disobey bro Iyke. I bought the drug and came back, Nonso was still half asleep. Bro Iyke ordered me to pull, I objected at first but he became angry and asked me to remove my cloth or he beats the hell out of me.“I don’t want to do again” I told him “Now raise her legs” He shouted.

Gently, I did as I was told and he showed me where to put it. Nonso was still shaking her head even in her sleep, and I noticed that her thing was having some red particles around it. I did as bro iyke ordered me before seeing tears rolling from the eyes of Nonso. When she finally woke up fully, she asked me what I did to her while she was touching round her body. I tried explaining, but she started crying, wore her cloths and left the house.

I couldn’t sleep that night, and I hated Bro iyke so much. “What’s wrong with you” He asked me we a strange look“Nothing, I am fine” I said while trying to hide my tears“I know you are not, but let me explain to you” He said “If you don’t want mummy to know who owns that pant, and what happened in Lagos, you better do as I say: You understand”. He asked “Yes I do” I said while crying slowly. “Now clean your eyes” He ordered…



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