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Episode 8: The Diary Of Nymphomaniac

“Now clean your eyes” He ordered “Okay” I said while cleaning my eyes with my shirt. He said a lot to me that night, he even went ahead to explain to me that a time would come when this same Nonso will kick me out like a piece of rag. He told me never to let a girl make me cry. “They are all s*x materials and you should see them as such” He said “When you get a girlfriend, treat her well but always make sure you have s*x with her”.

He continued “Not every boy will tell you this, but as you grow always remember that you can have s*x with any girl” He concluded. Those words sank deep into my brains and memory. Even as I write this diary, I know someone will ask me why I believed bro Iyke. Right, let me explain.Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. I frequently had s*x with Nonso. In most cases, she requested for it.

I gave her things ranging from Money to gifts and wrote her letters all the time. Then there came a time another family started attending our district church. They were so rich and their children were seen as gods in the children church. I noticed that whenever I came to church late, Nonso was always sitting close to Joshua. Joshua was the last Boy in their family of four.

The closeness continued till I started asking Nonso why she loves sitting close to Joshua instead of me. “I hate people that don’t bring drivers to church” She said to me “But we had a driver before na” I tried explaining “My Daddy is not around that is why we can’t have a driver” I explained “Can you give me twenty naira to buy Choco Candy while going home”? She requested “I have finished my money.

Didn’t I buy for you when I came to church” I said with a sad face “I am talking about now and not past tense” She replied harshly “Joshua is my new friend and I like him so much” “Do you know how much he gave me now”? She asked “He gave me thirty naira” She replied herself “But I like you a lot, please don’t leave me for Joshua” I said almost crying “I don’t like you again, maybe you will find someone that likes you and like her back” She replied while about leaving back to her seat.



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