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Episode 8: The Diary Of Nymphomaniac

I stood there looking like someone that failed his common entrance exam. I wrote her lots of letters and even sent friends to help me beg her, but all to no avail. That was how Nonso was gone!! Bro Iyke was not quite helpful during this period. I was always crying, but didn’t want mummy to notice. So all he did was make me cry more by remembering all the moments I told him about Nonso. “Didn’t I tell you”? He said while laughing “You caused it!!!” I said crying bitterly “It was that thing you did to her that made her leave” I said still crying “Girls will always be girls. You should be happy you had s*x with her before she left” He said before leaving the room.

After a while, Bro Iyke said I should find other girls to make myself happy. Everyday became a day for having s*x as long as the chance was right. Bro Iyke would help me bring a girl to the house and ask me to do what I want with her. The excitement, the joy and the fun was almost equal to nothing. Some days, he brought girls from his polytechnic and ask me to watch while he had s*x with them.

Some days he will give me an opportunity to be touching the girl while he was having s*x with them. I started failing woefully at school, but managed to get promotion to Jss3. But that didn’t stop me and bro Iyke to continue with our friendship. Bro Iyke started teaching secondary children in our estate and majority of his students were girls.

We had s*x with most of them together: The only exceptions were those that were still young and tender. I saw him wearing a rubber like substance round his pen1s, and I requested for mine, he told me that it was not yet time to wear such. “When you get to the bridge, you will cross yours” He always said. Bro Iyke became my Cousin, Brother, Mentor, S*x mate and anything “Good” in Life.

He was always there for me while we conquered all territories.I remember sleeping with Twin sisters at the same time. Both of them were virgins and Bro Iyke got them “Normal” state (He always called virgin girls Abnormal) before I took over from him. If I start writing about all the exploits in our estate, my little book won’t be able to contain it.


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