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Episode 9: The Diary Of Nymphomaniac

“Mummy all he said is not…” Nonso tried saying quickly before a Ghost slap interrupted the nonsense speech she was about giving. “Sorry for the embarrassments mummy” Nonso’s mum said to my mum while they prepared to take their leave. “Please take it easy and treat the case with wisdom” My mother said calmly before withdrawing into the house.

The truth was that I derived joy mentioning Joshua’s name as the person responsible for the pregnancy. It gave me joy seeing Nonso shed tears. But as I write this diary, I also wish she never left me. Maybe when I grow in future and become big, she would be my wife. But it is all over for now.That night was extremely cold and it came with mixed emotions.

I remember Nonso and Imagined how the baby would be like. It is funny, isn’t it??All the fun I caught in this our new estate, I can’t really explain them in this diary. I couldn’t explain the amount of girls that I had s*x with. Most of them were from Bro Iyke’s school. They were so fantastic with me. Most time, my stuff stayed in their mouths than where it is actually supposed to be. Most time they called my stuff a cigarette.

Who cares? I just kept enjoying myself. Days turned to weeks; I invited some girls from my school to Bro Iyke’s friend’s house. I was one of the youngest in my class. Most of the girls were looking bigger but they don’t care because I buy them break food and dash them money.

When they reached the house, I was greeted like a big man by Bro mike’s friend. His name is Christian. Christian has a cool house with T.V and Video player and a small fridge. They sat down, and I was gisting with them before Christian went outside. I didn’t know what he did, but few minutes later, I saw Bro Iyke. They started drinking some beer with the girls. I wanted to taste, but he asked me not to. So I managed my Crush drink.

Few minutes later, the girls were laughing so hard and dancing almost Unclad but I thought it was normal till when they almost got themselves Unclad. Bro Christian and Bro Iyke took them inside the room and all I could hear were sound and shouts with different tones. I simply left them to enjoy themselves.



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