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Episode 9: The Diary Of Nymphomaniac

Incase you see this book and read about me, just know that it was one of my best period in life.

“You are lying!!. Are you”? Bro Iyke shouted “I swear bro, I heard it live and clear from her friend” Mary said while laughing “They said her belle will soon start coming out” Mary continued. All these were the words that woke me up that Saturday morning. I rushed outside like a rat…“What happened” I asked Mary “Amebo” Go and sleep my friend “Please na, tell me” I begged with passion. After few begging, Mary broke the news “She is pregnant” Said Mary “Who”? I asked with my eyes wide open
“Your wife Nonso na” Mary whispered “And I heard she is coming to the house to see mummy” Mary added.

“What!!” I shouted “Is it mummy that impregnated her”?? Bro Iyke joked. We barely finished the statement before we saw three uninvited guests opened our gate and met us outside. Everyone readjusted while I dashed into our room and headed for cover. Truth be told, I didn’t hear the conversations till I was summoned. “Is it true what they are talking about”? Mummy asked me “What are they talking about”? I replied, putting up a confused face.

“Did you and Nonso enter any form of Touch Touch”? Mummy asked “God forbid” I shouted!! “I will never do such with any girl till I get married, that’s what the bible said” I quoted. Everywhere went silent. Eyes moved and stared at each other. I realized my first statement made an impact and I decided to continue. “She was my friend in Sunday school, but she later told me that Joshua is asking her to be her boyfriend” I replied explaining like a teacher “Which Joshua”? Nonso’s mum asked surprised “The one that entered youth church recently” I answered.

“This girl has finished me ooo…” Nonso’s mum shouted “How old are you”? Nonso’s dad asked calmly “I am almost 13” I replied “Have you ever had anything bad to do with Nonso”? He asked once more “No sir, I don’t do bad things because God hates it” I replied like our children pastor “But I was her friend helping her in the bible quiz sometimes, before she said she wants to start visiting Joshua’s house” I said with all calmness “Mummy all he said is not.”



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