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Episode 21: The Diary Of Nymphomaniac


During lunch periods, I was sitting comfortably in a Mr Biggs Eatery while my mates where hustling Mama-put food. We became center of attraction of the whole lesson and they knew both of us. I protected her from intruders that were hell bent on snatching her from me. But there was a problem; she never had chance on her own.

After lessons, their driver would always come to pick her up. “I think I am getting emotionally attached to you” I told her one night during the regular mid-night call “Me too… I can’t believe I always think of you when I get home” She said clearly “Have you had s*x before” I asked her after series of questions and answer. She was reluctant to answer at first, but after much pressure, she gave in. “No, but I always feel like doing it when I am with you” She said with a shy voice.

Immediately she said that, my thinking and brain faculty got triggered s*xually immediately. I wasn’t thinking straight again. I pushed her on phone till we started the phone –s*x stuff. “How can we do it, when you don’t always have chance” I asked her on phone “I will plan it, just trust me baby” She said with confidence. Most times during lecture periods, we spent more time exchanging love letters and knowing whose own was more sweet and romantic.

We continued all this till one day. “I haven’t seen your driver today” I asked her after much waiting at the lesson “He is not coming today” She replied with a smile “How, Why, What happened” I asked all at once “Because I want you to have me” She said with some shy movement. I gave out my legendary seductive smile and eyes movement that I quickly gave her a big hug.

“But there is a problem baby” I said with a sad face “Tell me darling” She said “I don’t have money” I said plainly. “How much” she asked “It will cost us four thousand naira to get a room in a guest house and stay for a while” I said to her. “Don’t worry, let’s go” She gave a commanding order.

I couldn’t believe it, and I utilized the opportunity real bad. We arrived at the guest house very close to the lesson center and we headed straight to our room. She was shy at first but after much motivation, she became confident.

I gave her no space to settle before I started with our kissing and romance. She was putting on a trouser, so I took my time to UnCloth her gently while the kissing was actually going on. She was already crying or moaning whichever she did, but I was focused on the job at hand. After undressing her, I took my time to romance all the parts of her body.

She was well receptive while touching other places but as soon as I decide to go down, she held my hands firmly; meaning I start the whole process all again. I was becoming frustrated but I had to keep my cool. “It is painful” She said with a sad face “Believe me, It will pain just for a milli-second and after that comes everlasting joy.

Even if you have never trusted me before, just trust me now” I said to her in a low romantic voice. I applied something around her pvssy region and in-fact; she was already wet before I gently and carefully found the desired break-through. She gave out a loud cry and shout that I had to cover her mouth before they assume I am killing a human inside the room.

She shouted for a while before she became responsive and was beginning to feel that prophesy I made to her. We dug each other till we became tired and had to leave. It became a s*x lesson for us almost on daily basis and I was just so equal to the task. She always wanted it, and I was always at her service to render it to her.

We stayed together during the JAMB lesson and fvcked together after the lesson. All these continued for a long time before she broke news to me…


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