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Episode 24: The Diary Of Nymphomaniac


During the day, I would buy her flower while she buys me something more expensive. During quiz, I would do the reading while she does the copying and the motivation she gives me was always making our results to be top notch. It was time for the December break and I wasn’t happy that we were going on vacation.

She immediately booked a hotel without my notice where we would lodge. But we got information that there were spies around the Port Harcourt town that always prey on students and cause them to be expelled, but she decided to take the risk and I followed suit. “This is 10,000 naira, don’t tell anyone about our stay” She gave to the supervisor of the hotel. That was the first time I knew that you could lodge in a hotel without being issued a receipt.

We entered the room and behold, I used few minutes of my time staring round the executive room. “I chose it for you baby” She said as she rushed and climbed my back. I could feel how erect her breasts were and my dicck responded in unison. We started kissing immediately and I started admiring her bodily features with my hands. She was moaning so loud that I was even getting scared.

Whenever she starts moaning, I would resort to kissing her, so as to cushion the effect of her shout. We paused for a bit before we decided to go shower. “Can we try bathroom s*x, I have always heard of it” She pleaded “You are a virgin, and it can’t be possible in the bathroom” I responded while I started handling with her breastts.

We spent up to 30minutes in the bathroom, bathing and touching before we heard a knock on the door. I was scared but she quickly tied up herself and went to answer. It was actually the hotel attendant “Please we would love to request for an order” I overheard from the bathroom “Baby, what would you like to go for” She yelled. “Anything you want” I shouted back. They quickly concluded their discussion and the attendant left.

We continued form where we stopped. After bathing, I carried her gently and placed her on the bed. She was a little bit wet down there but my tongue was fit enough to do justice to her juice. I spread her legs while I inserted my tongue into the hole between her legs. She kept moaning and shouting and was almost pulling out my hair. I opened her bag and saw a liquid substance, I opened it and applied a little into her p***y. I romanced her clit a little bit while she kept dancing around. After I suspected she was good to go, I was about inserting my joystick when I heard… “Promise you will always love me…” She said with tears. She didn’t even finish the statement, before I shouted a big “I will never break your heart”. She finally opened the gate of her pleasure room and I entered slowly and firmly.

She shouted hard and hard but it was in already. I paused after a while I gained enterance to allow her p***y get accustomed to her new client. It was a moment of joy for me and a little pain for her. After a while, I kept romancing her neck, lips and her ear lobe region. From shouting of pain, she was begging me to keep pounding her. It was a moment that lives on in memory and I cherished it so much. It was a s*x all day activity for us as we lodged for three days in the hotel.
I fvcked her so bad that even after we departed for our various destinations, she was still having the feelings like I was still inside of her. She couldn’t wait for school to resume, so did I. “I want to go and pee” I said to her while I stood up and was sweating real bad “If you feel like you want to pee, you can go ahead and piss inside of me” She said to me while holding my waist so tight and trapped inside between her legs. “Oh laaaaawwwwd” I shouted as I burst my nuts deep inside of her and collapsed.


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