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Episode 25: The Diary Of Nymphomaniac


We resumed school and daddy was seeing the excitement of me returning back to school. “What is now making you so happy in school that you now want to go back so fast” Daddy asked while looking and Mum and wondering. That was a question I wouldn’t want to reply, so I just left the parlor for them and headed straight to my room. Daddy wanted to escort me to school to make sure I was safe but that was going to disrupt the arrangement I have with Queen.

I argued so hard to defend why I had to travel alone. “They were calling and laughing at me for being a small boy the last time you brought me to school” I said with anger. “But you are a small boy na” Daddy joked. I only stated my claim and told him that if he was going to escort me, that I wouldn’t go back to school again. The fear of paying fine was good enough to convince him.

The next day I boarded a bus and I left for Owerri. Our planned location was at Owerri, so I stopped at a bustop according to the direction she gave to me. I reached there and finally made it to the hotel she asked me to trace. It was a more executive hotel than the former one and more expensive. I didn’t even settle down before she opened my zip and started sucking every bit of my d***k. “I missed my angel” She yelled while staring at my d***k. “Which angel, my d***k or myself” I said with a sad face.

“You own the d***k; so when I miss the d***k , Just know I also miss the owner” She said and gave me a kiss that instantly erased the stress of the journey down to owerri “I was a virgin for two weeks” She said while laughing hard “They don’t even allow me to leave the gate at all, I stay indoors at home all day” She lamented. “Thank God I found you” She screamed. She was saying all this and I was calculating a method I will use to collect money from her.

“How much did your father give you while coming to school”? I asked with a sad face “Half a million” She said with a smile. I couldn’t believe what I heard and it actually showed on my face. “You don’t believe me”? She asked “I believe you, just that I am too broke to handle such an amount”.

I said while forcing out tears out of my eyes. Infact, the tears were coming out freely because I wondered what it was like having such an amount inside your account. “You want to collect some” She asked me “Don’t worry, I said while lying on the bed and facing downwards. She quickly rushed towards me and hugged me from behind before kissing my neck “After three weeks, I can still request for more money” She said “So if you want, you can collect up to 100 thousand” She said while searching around for my d**k.

It was too good to be true, so I didn’t jump up in excitement. “I know your plan, I will jump up in happiness, and you will tell me that you were just joking. It won’t work” I said slowly while anticipating her next answer “Heaven knows I love you and would do anything just to make you happy. If you really want the money so bad, you can collect it”.

She said while entering the bathroom to shower “Tomorrow baby, I will collect… I love you so much too” I shouted from inside the room “Come and fvck me in the bathroom na” She shouted from inside the bathroom. I quickly pulled my cloths and responded to her call. It was a kind of sex I call quick sensation; with the help of the two rugs we had in the room, the sex was one of a kinds.

We utilized various apparatus at our disposal to spark off a quick exciting sex. She felt it bad, and I felt it as usual. After the rumping and enjoying all we wanted, we decided to head back to school. She chartered a taxi and it drove us down to the school gate. I rewarded her generosity towards me by reading so hard for the exams. We did our clearance and we were set to write the exams. I made some other friends in medicine that were so good, and we combined together to smash the exam home and away.

The Easter break was still the same thing as we also booked a different hotel and invented different styles before heading home. We communicated frequently at home and I spent more time answering her call than I spent without answering any call. We talked at night to the point that my parents were thinking if I work with the network’s customer care. At home I had lots of gadgets; I was home and spent money that girls were requesting for my number. They knew someone came home from school and they knew I was the person. The fact remained that I didn’t sleep with any of them because I had realized that they were different categories of girls and I need not associate with just anybody. I ended up snatching lots of older girls from their boyfriends and they never said a word.

When I felt the money I had was reduced a little, I will make a call to Queen and she never failed me. Most of the bigger older girls were now hanging out with a bigger younger me. I was now exposed on how to book a hotel and I chose a relatively executive one and made it my constant home. Some days I book in advance and they always kept the room for me and most times, they call to ask about my well-being, that made me an important customer and I enjoyed every bit of it.

The Easter period was a blast; I spent so much money that my father suspected if I finally became a ritualist overnight. The amount of money spent could be used to train a child in primary school education. I was now respected and most girls loved me, but I only related to those with class and style. We came back to school for the second semester and I was assigned to another room where I met another set of roomates.

This time around, I had guys that knew what money meant and how to spend it. Everybody in that room was a kind of rich while those that didn’t have enough tried so hard to fit in. I needed no introduction because they already knew my story. The semester continued and my love for Queen kept on growing “I know you love that girl because of money” Prince said to me. Prince was one of my room mates that came from a wealthy home.

The difference is that he is the one spending for the ladies while I was at the receiving end. He was always begging for a contact from Queen so as to link him up with another rich Gf… “Guy Nothing for you” I always tell him with a loud laugh. My other room mates were supportive of my actions and did well to protect my interest. I was always careful to abide by all the rules and regulations because I was always careful to abide by all the rules and regulations because I noticed that my Hall-representative was also having an eye for my queen. They wield one of the highest powers within the hostel premises and they can be your greatest undoing. Towards the exam period, our first semester result came-out, I made a 1st class GPA and she made a 2nd class GPA.

I was motivated to do more and she was highly supportive. Before the exams, she asked her father for the sum of 300,000 naira in other to keep her shape during the exams. She transferred about 80,000 naira for me and I was so motivated to read from morning to night. I read so hard that people were now suspecting if I was on community scholarship, but that didn’t bother me.

The exams came and it was blasted once more and we were good to go. When school vacated, we went to our normal Owerri hotel to spend 3 days before we embarked on our long holiday. She was becoming kind of emotional and I was worried “What is the problem” I asked her after we eating and we were on the bed. “Nothing” She kept on replying. I knew something was wrong but I decided not to probe further.

“We watched a video of girls having sex through their a**… can we try it”? She asked, suddenly looking bright. It was like I saw a ghost and I quickly jumped up from my lying position with a mixture of surprise and shock “Really”? I shouted in a mild tone “I haven’t done that before and I don’t know how to do it” I replied again “Let us play it, and we will try it” She said while jumping around Unclad.

She brought out her phone and started playing the video. It was disgusting at first, but as soon as she started touching my d**k, it became interesting for me. “I have oil in my bag, we can use it” She said as she dived to her bag and brought out an Olive oil “Is that not holy Oil”? I shouted “No, this one is not holy” She replied. I laughed so hard that I almost fell off the bed. She applied a little inside of her and rubbed the rest on my d**k and asked me to enter.

It was very difficult and I could hear her moaning slowly “It is paining you, I can’t do this” I said while withdrawing. “I am the one telling you to do it, so don’t reject” She said with a mixture of anger and a normal voice. Well, I had no option because I needed cash to go back home and spend. I simply forced myself to force it inside and she was waving her hand and being restless, I still entered.

I slowed down when I got in, and she continued the show from there. She regulated the movement while I bent down and touched her and she was just moaning and saying so many things I couldn’t understand. After we finished from the back, she turned to my favorite position and gave it to me like I wanted it We departed the hotel after 3 days, and she gave me 40,000 naira for transportation that cost 3,000 naira.

She quickly went to the airport to catch her flight, while I used my own flight money to enter bus and found my way back home. It was a long journey but I needed to save up enough cash to spend during the holiday. The Youth convention was around the corner and after much pressure from mummy, I decided to go. They were assigning hostels to only girls and the guys could sleep anywhere aside the girl’s hostel

It was meant to last for 5 days and I decided to add a little swag to the whole show. I immediately booked for 4 days and it summed up to 16,000 naira, and I was good to go. I came to the convention looking so cool and dab and it wasn’t long, before eyes got to me. “Can I sit with you”? I said to a young charming lady that sat close to the entrance of the hall. “Yea why not” She replied with a smile.

“You look good with your glasses. Is it medicated or you wore it to attract my attention” I said while smiling at her. She blushed immediately and turned away to smile the other way. The truth is that I have had eye contacts with her and I just monitored her movements and knew where she sat this time around. Luckily enough, there was a good space where she was sitting. “You look like a girl that her name is Cinderella, are you”? I dropped another line.

She couldn’t talk but kept smiling “I am listening to pastor’s message, don’t get me distracted” She said with a smile “I love Jesus more than you do…” I said with a stone face “I don’t think so” She replied almost immediately. That was how we continued the discussion, during the break period I took her to the hotel bar and wasted a little cash on her “This is my own hostel” I said to her “Keep lying” She said while laughing.

I smiled and stood up while holding her hands up the stairs of the hotel. We approached my room and I opened the door immediately and we entered. I am so sure that despite her beauty, she has never seen such executive suit before “You paid for here” She asked surprised “No, I sneaked in illegally” I said while laughing and she hit my back, while I grabbed her waist and drew her closer.

“I have not done this before, but it seems like I like you” She said with fear “I will show you what you wish to know” I said with a smile. I made her feel at home and asked her to go take her shower. I knew I didn’t have to do anything now so as to buy her trust and wait for the bigger picture. After she showered, I ordered food and we ate before watching a little movie… “Break is over, we need to go” I reminded her “Leave them jare, let’s stay here” She said with a grin.

I knew she has fallen but I decided to keep playing my cards well… “Come on, I love God and don’t want to disobey his preaching… we need to go” I persisted “Okay, let me leave my bag here, so that at night I can come and pick it” She said. I knew that tactics too well and I knew what she was up to. I agreed and we moved back into the camp. I could tell that she was not herself again at the church and she must have been waiting so patiently for the church to end.

After the last message, she didn’t even wait long enough before she asked us to be going. I simply smiled and followed her quietly. I didn’t need an introduction or much begging to be granted permission between her legs. I simply brought her closer and kissed her so passionately that she leading the show at some point. I finally got down and gave her a good mouth action before trying to enter… “You are a virgin, I can’t do this” I said with the intent of teasing her.

“Baby please don’t do this to me” She begged. I was amused inside of me seeing the way she begged “I will be painful to you” I said with a stone face “Don’t worry, just do it” She pleaded. I knew I had done a job well done and I went ahead to do it. She was already too wet, so no need for a lubricant. I just gently inserted my dicckk and few seconds later, I was swimming inside of her. She moaned, She cried, She yelled, She shouted and She testified that it was fun.

We had all night to ourselves and it continued till the convention ended. “Don’t forget me baby” She said while we prepared to go home “I won’t” I replied but I knew it was the last time I was going to see her outside the camp meeting. Few days later, my phone bleeped and it was a message from…

“I won’t be resuming with you guys again, I am very far from you now” I was shocked like someone who saw a ghost when he had an Attention. I knew it was Queen that owns the message and I tried calling the line back and it wasn’t connecting. I can’t explain how I felt upon seeing the message but believe me, devastating would be an understatement. I couldn’t cry because I was weak to even cry. The few days I spent at home where mostly indoors because I knew something very rare has left me, and it might be difficult getting it back. I was very reluctant to go back to school and my dad noticed it “But you were always happy before, what happened this time” Daddy asked surprised. How would I tell him that my ATM machine has been taken away from me? I went back to school just for the purpose of going back I had lost all the motivation needed to continue in such a school.

I pictured my daily activity in such a school, and I knew it would be hell in school… but was I correct? After spending few weeks in the former hostel, we were reassigned various hostels and that means we were going to make new friends and stay in new rooms. I checked the new list and I found out I was posted to a hostel that has the name of a popular U.S city. We were three from my former room that was posted to the hostel.
The hostel was a true reflection of the city in reality. It was a hostel filled with mostly halls instead of rooms. I thought we were just going to be about the same number that I saw on the list, but never knew that that number was just for 1st batch. I ended up staying in a hall I didn’t even get to know all my roommates because, I kept o seeing new faces in the room all the time. This was where I was going to spend my 200 level and I knew I was in for a serious issue.

The crowd, the theft, the noise and the wahala that often emanated there made me very un-comfortable. But as the saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, you have to join them. Going to class became an uphill task for me, I rather stay back in the hostel and play lots of games, discuss, eat, sleep then wake up in the evening to play the hostel football called Gombe.

“How far that your girl” Chike asked me “Mtchheeeewww” I hissed that even a snake would think I am brothers with it. “Why you dey vex, she don dump you”? He kept on probing. I didn’t even know what to reply him because everywhere I went to, it was the same question that was being asked.

I tried talking to a girl in a popular building in the school called Engineering block, and the first statement she made was “Have you dumped your other girlfriend”? It was something serious because I was beginning to feel the heat on me already. I was running out of cash, I was lonely aside my male friends, I was always thinking and this made my stay in school that period hell.

Few days later, I met a guy that I have known a little bit during my first year, his was called Toulalan. He was a short, black and handsome guy in his final year in the school. I thought I was “Bad” never knew that was just the beginning of more things to come. We became good friends alongside my other friend Lainus. Every week, Toulalan was going out of school and I never saw him hustle for exeat for once. “How you dey use do am”? I asked “You still be small boy, when you mature, you go sabi” He said while speaking in their Akwa Ibom tongue.

We laughed over it, but he told me not to follow that route or else I won’t last in the school. “So why you come dey commot”? I asked too “Guy; me I no fit stay this school for two weeks straight make I no Bleep” He said while laughing. “Your case serious ooo” I shouted and we went into laughter “When last you Bleep” He asked me “I be virgin since this 200 level ooo” I said to him plainly “You go like fvck” He asked while laughing “Na you I go fvck” I asked him. He went ahead to present his plan and purpose in my life and how we intended to achieve it.

The way was not easy but the end result was wonderful. During the early Saturday morning orientation, we were all outside waiting for the General Hall-rep to address us, when we saw a 505 car with siren speed ast us into the hostel. It went to a certain room and I saw the way some luggages were packed into the car and everybody was looking with keen interest.

“Wetin happen” I asked Toulalan “If you ask me, who I go ask” He said while laughing. I quickly turned over to another group of friends who were already discussing the matter and asked them the same question “E be like say him jump fence, and they catch am” One of them said No, they no catch am when him jump fence, na for Hotel they catch am” Another added. I was not just surprised, but I almost wet my shorts. I quickly went back to Toulalan to explain what I just heard. “Them don catch am meaning say him time don expire be that” He said while laughing. “Which kain mumu talk be this na” I queried him. “Any day they catch me for here, just know say my name no be Toulalan” He boasted.

It wasn’t long before the general hall-rep came and started his long sermon. It came with series of instructions and warnings but there was one that couldn’t escape my memory “The military men in the bush said we should warn you guys; if anyone is seen jumping the fence and entering the bush, he will be considered a criminal and he would be shot” He shouted. There was commotion amongst the students and especially the jumpers as I called them.

The noise lasted for a while before they forced to keep quiet. The fear was real and I knew I had to last in the school to avoid disappointing my dad. “konji go kill you inside this school” Toulalan told me when we got back to the hostel. It was true, all most all the time, I kept having Attention. It started affecting my way of thinking and my emotions. I thought of getting another girl, but the process and procedure to find another girl was so tedious in this school and I didn’t even have the chance for such.

School activities were going on fine, and I never had the chance of even getting another girl. I continued skipping classes and always found outside the main school compound where I was always hanging out with my new found alcoholic friend Toulalan. The semester was coming to and end, and believe me that in the exams, I wrote practically nothing. I just scrambled through the questions while I kept on praying that we should just go on vacation.

Just as the period of vacation was announced, I already made plans with Toulalan on what we needed to do once we were outside school. Few days later, we were chilling in a very big hotel in Port Harcourt city. We would be lodging there for 2 days before I start heading home. We bought lots of drinks in our room and we started

We bought lots of drinks in our room and we started drinking so bad. “When last you fvck”? Toulalan asked me with his funny accent.
“I swear, I no even remember” I said while laughing, and I was already a little bit tipsy “You fit fvck ashawo” He asked me “God forbid” I shouted back “Abeg no try am oo” I responded sadly “Every girl wey you meet wey don fvck more than one guy, na Ashawo she be” Toulalan said “So na him make I no dey even waste time dey chyke girl” He concluded.

It was a statement that struck me, and I thought deep over it. We entered a mild argument, and he ended up convincing me about his original theory “Na true ooo” I shouted.. “Yes… Once she don sleep with more than one boy, she don turn ashawo be that” He re-affirmed. I was just laughing all through, maybe because I was already tipsy and was losing my sense of comportment. “I no go bring Ashawo sha, I go carry some of my babes wey I get for here. We go share am one one” He said while picking up his phone and making some phone calls.

Few hours later, we had some un-believable guests in our rooms. These girls were looking like people who could make even reverend fathers to commit the sin of fornication. They entered the room, and I served them drinks while they sat down to drink and enjoy. After a while, we decided to go to a nearby bar to drink and dance proper. I managed to strike up a conversation and we got along.

Later at night, we went back to our various rooms. It wasn’t so long that I started hearing shouts and cries from Toulalan’s room and I knew that all was not well. I was still lying down and resting when the girl stood and started dragging me “Don’t you have a d**k” She said with laughter “Or we won’t fvck”? She asked. I was surprised at the free invitation being given to me, but I wasn’t just in the mood or have the strength to even f**k. “I don’t have strength joor” I said to her abruptly “Me I have strength” She responded so fast.

She didn’t even finish with the sentence before swooping on my trouser and pulling it down. I wanted to oppose but my body was so weak that I just laid down there and was watching. She brought out my d**k and started sucking it like it had some honey content in it. I forced myself not to feel it, but few minutes later, it was standing as hard as the Nigerian flag.
It didn’t take much time before she jumped on it like a bike man on a bike and started riding it down to her destination. I was hearing the shout of the other girl in the room and in my own room, it was vice versa.

I kept moaning and shouting because she was using me for rehearsals. At a point in time, I felt my dicck would cut from my body. At some point she was as fast as a plane and in some instances she was a slow as a snail. Something was different this time around, I started feeling something unusual. The excitement and the sweetness of this sex were unbelievable. I became energized and was forced to stand up.

She positioned herself in a dog way and asked me to tear her up. It was funny that I almost laughed but I held it down and went down to work. I kept moaning and shouting mildly but she kept on firing like a soldier in the war front. She didn’t even listen to any of my pleas. When she felt I was getting tired, she would switch to a position that allowed her to be in control. “I want to go and piss” I said to her while I tried standing and was sweating real bad.

“If you feel like you want to piss, you can go ahead and piss inside of me” She said to me while holding my waist so tight and trapped inside between her legs “I want to piss ooo…” I kept shouting and was almost crying “Piss inside baby” She shouted as she held my waist and was forcing it inside up and down. I was already crying and shouting at the top of my voice and few minutes later, I felt something rushing and pumping off my joystick.

“Oh My, Jeez” “Oh Lawd” I shouted while it was as if I was speaking in tongues. She held me tightly between her legs while I was jerking like someone suffering from epilepsy. After a while, I finally gained consciousness and I was as calm as a dove. She hugged me to her chest while I was still inside of her and started kissing my forehead. “You can now come out” She said to me. When I pulled out, I saw that…

Episode 26: The Diary Of Nymphomaniac

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