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LYRICS: Erigga – Long Story (Before The Trip Freestyle PT 2)

Press Play to Listen as you read the lyrics along side the sound of Emirates Empires Top Striker “Erigga” titled “Long Story” (Before The Trip Freestyle PT 2).

Verse 1

My guy call me erigga hw ur Mata #be.
I knw say e dun tey but u fit enta waff com see #me.
I min I get dis bae wen ah dun dy date for #long_Na.
Dis weekend we dy marry na man ur guy dun #Turn_Na
Transfer wen ah do for my client e just touch #ground.
Ah rent houx,ah buy spider evrywer soft #now.
Warri sarz stil burst me collect 2oo #bay.
Its okay dsame day we enta club jewin #sokey.
So erigga afa hw d Mata now go #be.
We oniovo me(my brother) bfor u go Lagos o abeg #kporkpi.
Ah tel am say nor b mah hand e dy na mah #label.
If ah folo dem reason $ dem say yes i go dy #der.
Ah folo anonymous reason he say no #problem
Book a flight na na cos Arik pipo ah knw #dem.
Flight no dy hard dem cancel lyk who cant #speciate.
_______ sharp sharp no one go der dy hear #shit.
2 o’clock ah d air port though d flight na 4 #sharp.
Which warri gal ah won straff mak ah look mah snap #chat.
Ese, Ese easy wit dat waist na ah swear ds gal dy go #down.
Immediately ah touch #down. Land for warri around 5 dem one tak #picture.
Dem say na autograph but to me na just #signature.
Call Ese wer u dy she say she dy dat ekpan #side.
No shaking ah dy protia if you finish mak we #collide.
Mah guys say mak ah tak trance ah tel am no #need.
Mah natural fit mak Ese head site lyk igbo #seed.
Rounds afta rounds Erigga eyan #Mayweather.
Afta ah finish e go no say khaki nor b #leather

Verse 2

Who dey wed go abk he say hope I go dey ok,
e Don tay I come warri but I get babe wey I won kpankay

no shaking I don pay for ur room for like 3 days,

order anything u won eat my brother even weed dey,

I don order ur suit u know say we dey wear d same size

I tell am say nor shaking goes well like jollof rice,

reception dey call my room I pick the call she say good evening I say evening
she say Ese dey down and she won see me

I say allow her come up, she come up everywhere soft
fine for ground pass snapshat omo this girl hot,

she say Erigga I be ur fan on the low but my bae nor know,
imagine Efe don use ur base on logistics take blow

I say na so e be, she enter bathroom go shower,
black bullet for the system guy man go need extra power,
quench her till day break she know my matter nor go there,

time to give the babe raba omo I lost my atm,
my guy wey dey wed dey downstairs so no shaking,

I don clear am as e dey go e dey come up no shaking,

he say e nor go bad if he give the babe one too,

people seriousy na my cheapily do watin u won do,
she need money she won go lagos go buy things,
if u get 100k give me I nor fit dey do bank things,
babe still naked under blanket dey press phone,
Alex just enter dey ask me how the girl go?
She goes well my brother she goes well,
follow me enter room cor see d babe na she goes well,

my guy just like who electric hold,
babe cover face dey cry like what the fuck is happening yo,

my guy begin share tears woman wey I won marry,
na there my head burst see wahala wey I carry.


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