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POEM: Love without Gold

POEM: Love without Gold

It makes me feel sad.
It pulls the tears out of my eyes.

I can’t think straight.
like my whole world has fallen apart.

Where do I start from, how do I go about, what do I do?

How can I stand the reality of been unreal in a situation we both have control about?
How can life be sweet without the thoughts of you right beside?

I have been the most stupid fellow.
Blessed with diamond left for an empty hand.

Life itself is strange to me as the poetic side unveil in a bright light.
Unharmed in a clear colored tone.

We both embraced the love we shared, now sacrificed it for pleasure.
Meanwhile all pleasure made out of true love always last forever?

Forever loved with a future ahead brings joy.
But the feeling of been left lonely boils cold in heart.

Not all that glitter is gold, not all that shine is light, not all that smile has a face.
I have been through think and thick yet everyone has a story to tell.

A man with a good heart takes grace not the struggle.
There was always a point we gave up but the optimistic mind keep us moving.

Tears are hard to find in the desert…



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