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How to Select Your Bride from the Girlfriends (Guys Get In Here)

Its very difficult to find a guy with just one girlfriend, also ladies try to keep plan A, B, C, D to Q. There will always come a time in a guys life when he might want to settle down. Most girls play a good face at your presence hiding their real face.

However, Here are some steps to choose a bride from all the girlfriends.

How to Select Your Bride from the Girlfriends

1. Pray about the relationship.

2. Breakup with all your girlfriends: How to know if the girl you intend to settle with is a bottle breaker, Un-respectful, tempered or Serious with you. Breakup with all of them and see their reaction.

3. Give them the same amount of money and ask them back for the money few days after; If any is not able to provide less than 30 percent of what you gave out, note that she will not be able to manage resources in your family.

4. Act very Broke; Most girls go after a comfortable and flamboyant lifestyle forgetting that there could be ups and down. use this method to know a girl that will stick to you no matter the situation.

5. Understand what she wants; If she is always about flashy things and never talks about the future she can never be your bride(She has someone else in mind)

6. Does she know how to Cook; Try to know if she knows how to cook, most girls are very comfortable when their man is always buying food.

7. Try to know if she is Real: Girls will be busy dropping filtered photos online.. Later they’ll be complaining that Jumia gave them something different from what they saw online. Let her go without makeup some days.

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