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LOL… Tweet of the Day! Check Out this Funny Reply To a Tweet

One thing I love about twitter is that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but the sweet part of the story is the anyone can mess you up with your own opinion with a simple reply. Check out this tweet and reply a lady got for sharing …

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Give a Title to This Movie Using This Photo! #NollywoodStories

Guys lets have little fun using this photo clip from a Nollywood movie. Well you all know that Nollywood are good at giving funny title to movies, that even from the title caption and image you can tell the story line of the movie. Lets see how good you are; …

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What You Need To Know About MMM

Do you know that MMM are the only people that scammed both Yahoo boys, Politicians Armed Robbers Alfas Pastors Native Doctors Students Kidnappers Police Officer Bankers Soilders Traders Prostitutes Brain pass brain 😂😂😂 Have a wonderful day! Don’t forget to keep visiting www.legit9ja.com

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What Is Wrong With This Photo? Caption This!!!

Looking closely at this photo, first I thought the girl was Kissing a mannequin statue. but apparently the dark guy is a human being but the question is why is he this dark? What a cute photo right? caption this!!!

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Why You Need To Buy The iPhone 7, See Full Features

  The anticipation is over and the iPhone 7 is finally here! well after so many rumor and tips about the Apple new product. Well everyone likes good thing but not everyone can afford these good things. Its not all about getting this phone but what can the phone get …

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We are no longer asking President Buhari to develop Nigeria – Kaycee Neche Daniels

  Nigerian comedian Kaycee Neche Daniels shares his own opinion about this Buhari administration. He said: I’m not anti-Buhari but this point, I’m only asking him to return Nigeria to the state it was before he (Buhari) became President on May 29, 2015. -Return our dear Naira to 170 per …

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