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Its March – Happy New Month!!!

Forget about the days and night, ups and downs, good and bad of the previous month. Its time to go on and hope for the best. All Thanks to God Almighty for keeping us all to this New Month. I am wishing you all the good thing this month of …

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What Do You Think About On-Campus Relationship?

I don’t think most campus students are at that point in their lives that they want serious relationships. It’s just their transition from childhood to adulthood and majority of them are experiencing the freedom of living like an adult for the first time. Campus life beyond the classrooms is centered …

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Know your Genotype Before Considering Getting Married

A lot of Medical doctors and marriage counselors advise that couples who are about to get married should go for specific medical tests before tying the knot. While this is very important, many couples don’t heed this advice for fear of probably incompatible results, especially as regards their haemoglobin genotype, …

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Why You Need To Send Good Morning Message

Good Morning Message? Yes, and my legit reader will be like what does Mr Legit have to say again… This is not really a serious issue for us to tackle but one of those few things we need to do as a friend, love one and family. As for me, …

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